Canon Digital ELPH Accessory KitWith the Canon Digital ELPH Accessory Kit you can get the most out of your Canon digital camera when traveling. Designed for use with PowerShot SD1000, PowerShot SD400, PowerShot SD430, PowerShot SD450, PowerShot SD600, and PowerShot SD630, you gain the extra protection and functionality you need for your much-loved Canon cameras—at minus the price. Especially when you’re taking your camera to outdoor trips wherein you don’t have control of the elements, you need something that will protect your camera. Likewise, if you could provide them with accessories that boost their basic functionality, then that would be great; you’d be able to enhance your picture-taking experience all the more.

Trustworthy Accomplices

The Canon Digital ELPH Accessory Kit is your Canon Digital ELPH’s perfect accomplice. The package Canon Digital ELPH Accessory Kitcontains an NB-4L Lithium-ion battery pack, a deluxe leather case, and lastly, a metal neck strap. All of these items add to the usability of your camera especially in the great outdoors.

First of all, let’s talk about the NB-4L Lithium-ion battery pack. The NB-4L Lithium-ion battery pack is a high-capacity, rechargeable battery that features advanced lithium technology, and you’ll be able to use your camera well after you’ve taken hundreds of shots. Durable as it is, you can charge it even when it’s just partially drained, without any risk of reduced performance. Bring an extra pack of these batteries wherever you’ll be taking photos to make sure the fun doesn’t stop.

Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital Camera Next, we have the PSC-55 Deluxe leather case. This elegant-looking leather case is perfect for taking your camera on the go. More than its striking appearance and smoothly polished exterior, this case will protect your camera when not in use. As mentioned above, protecting your camera is of prime importance if you want it to last a long time. It is very convenient to use. Just flip it open and slide the camera in. It’s simple yet effective. So, next time you’re taking photos out in the park or in the beach, bring the PSC-55 Deluxe leather case; your camera will thank you for it.

Last but certainly not the least; we have the metal neck strap. With this simple accessory that you can hook to your camera, your camera stays with you wherever you go. Don’t put your camera in your pockets, that’s not very safe. It could get bumped and knocked around in there with all the other things in your pocket. Instead, use the neck strap. It looks sleek, and more importantly, it makes the camera easier to protect, as well as use, since the camera stays within immediate reach.

Consider the Canon Digital ELPH Accessory Kit the perfect set of accomplices for your Canon Powershot Digital ELPH. Providing protection and added usability for your camera has never been this easy and affordable.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales