Yamaha HTR-6130BL Home Theater ReceiverIf you want quality entertainment accessible through a touch of a button, or want to reproduce video and audio in cinema quality right in your own home, then there’s no more affordable way than to do it with a Yamaha HTR-6130BL Home Theater Receiver.

For one thing, the Yamaha HTR-6130BL Home Theater Receiver does more than just interpret and amplify signals from input devices to send them to your television and sound system. This receiver actually utilizes a lot of advanced technology to provide you with the best entertainment system for you and your family.

Yamaha HTR-6130BL Home Theater ReceiverThe 5.1 channel feature allows you to create a surround-sound setup that has left, center, and right front speakers, as well as left and right rear ones to reel you in a movie every time you watch it. This naturally connotes that Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS 5.1 will be able to support this format.

Even though this particular channel feature is already common to other name-brand receivers, it is still worth mentioning because the Yamaha HTR-6130BL Home Theater Receiver stands out as having A/B right and left front speaker ports.

Specially designed to allow you to enjoy audio from just about any audio source, the Yamaha HTR-6130BL Home Theater Receiver is also compatible with Bluetooth and iPod. To enjoy music or videos from a Bluetooth capable device, all you’d have to do is to connect the receiver with a Yamaha Bluetooth® Wireless Audio Dock. Then if you want to play music and videos from your iPod, just connect it with the iPod Dock.

Apart from this feature, however, this budget-friendly receiver with 2 HDMI inputs and one output, and can digitally upconvert analog video to HDMI, to provide improved picture quality and a seamless single cable solution to a TV monitor. That simply means that you can have up to two devices, a Blu-ray player and a PS3, for example, hooked up to the receiver via HDMI and have the audio/video play back normally. The number of input ports just completely eliminates the need for you to connect and disconnect your input devices just to enjoy surround-sound.

Yamaha HTR-6130BL Home Theater Receiver

The Yamaha HTR-6130BL Home Theater Receiver also features the SILENT CINEMA mode which allows private listening enjoyment of multi-channel music or movie sound, including Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround, through ordinary headphones. All you have to do is connect a pair of headphones to the receiver and you can enjoy an accurate simulation of 5.1-channel surround sound in complete privacy. This is pretty ideal for late night listening when you don’t want to disturb others, or if other noises are disturbing you.

Enjoy all these cool features, and more, when you buy the ultra-affordable Yamaha HTR-6130BL Home Theater Receiver. Most of the current state-of-the-art technology is jam-packed in this ultimate equipment for quality home entertainment.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles