Diamond TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB TV TunerFor all of you who want their laptops and PCs to double as top-of-the-line high definition viewing screens, Diamond has come up with quite a gem. The Diamond TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB TV Tuner is no jewel in the rough either: it sparkles with the latest features and is compatible with the MacPro, Mac Mini, Mac Book or IMac. This versatile tuner can give you that much-desired High Definition experience by simply loading a whole host of media applications to your Macintosh desktop or laptop!

Beyond iTunes: Give Your Mac Media Abilities

The Diamond TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB TV Tuner’s snow-white sheen gives it that clean, simple look which matches the standard issue Macs out there. Its top casing gently curves, with ridges cutting clean lines across. Diamond TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB TV TunerThis casing houses two powerful tuners that work in combination to provide tuning for both NTSC (cable analog, all you need is an external antenna) and ATSC (digital, made possible with the TV Wonder 650 USB device). It also has an unscrambled Digital HD cable (Clear-QAM). The 3D comb filter gives analog TV a much-needed push; it gives those realistic images on your Mac screen. Are you still not sure about watching films and TV on your laptop? The same 3D comb filter works hand-in-hand with the Noise Reduction and Edge Enhancement to give it that crisp TV-like image (a far cry from the grainy and pixelated images we often associate with laptop viewing). This is made possible by the ATI Theater Video Processing Technology.

Diamond TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB TV Tuner

What makes the Diamond TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB TV Tuner
a real gem is its ATI tvPORTAL (the Media Center). This feature allows you to watch TV and DTV (including such commands as pause, fast forward and rewind) and even record MPEG-2 videos to your hard drive. Added benefits include the PVR and the time shifting functionality. Its built-in Electronic Programming Guide acts as your remote control; you get to watch the shows you want to watch.

Diamond TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB TV TunerAll that you need is a CD-ROM drive (for the software installation), a G4, G5, or Intel®-based system with native USB 2.0 support, an Intel CPU if you want to record ATSC broadcasts, 512MB to 1G of system memory, an OpenGL 2.0 or better graphics card, an antenna (amplified for ATSC and NTSC), a sound card, and speakers.

Diamond has locked and loaded its latest device to turn your laptop or desktop viewing experience into something that rivals TV viewing.

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Contributed by Arne Galang