LaCie 301269U Ethernet Disk Mini 500GB Network Attached StorageAs popular as hard drive storage has become today, another kind of storage solution is slowly but surely emerging as a potentially superior alternative: home servers. These so-called Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, usually combine hardware and software, and vastly improve the concept of data accessibility. Whereas a portable hard drive can be compared to a briefcase that you need to carry around, a home server allows you to access your data across the Internet. Just imagine being able to watch one of your videos away from your main computer, without having to bring a portable hard drive. Convinced yet? If you are, then check out the LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini Home Edition NAS Device: a full-featured home server that makes you feel you’re always close to your data.

Keeping your Data Close

The best thing about this home server is that it’s very affordable. Compared to its direct competitors, this one is priced a couple hundred dollars less. But don’t let its relatively low price fool you, because, without a doubt, it is just as capable and as feature-packed as its more expensive rivals. LaCie 301269U Ethernet Disk Mini 500GB Network Attached StorageRoughly about the size of a hardcover book and judging by its look, you might think that it’s just another portable hard drive. To a certain extent it can perform as a hard drive, and quite a robust one at that with a capacity of 500 gigabytes. But it is so much more than that with the fact that it has its own 400 MHz processor and 64 MB DDRAM to help manage its storage system and keeping it secure and connected to your network.

Let us try to stray away from the numbers and see how it works in real-world application. Installing the LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini Home Edition takes less than an hour. You just connect it to your network’s router, and the installation software configures the rest of the settings for you. Once that’s done, you simply need to install the included HipServ application on any Windows or Mac computer that you would like to access the server with. From there, the LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini Home Edition becomes a storage medium which you can access remotely.

LaCie 301269U Ethernet Disk Mini 500GB Network Attached Storage

The HipServ management software makes it easy to organize your picture files into various folders, which other users can then see once you’ve granted them access through an email invitation. Not only that, since it is embedded with an iTunes server, you can listen to its stored music from any computer in your network. Likewise, the HipServ application also transforms the home server into a capable media server, which can then stream videos to your TV via digital media players that support uPnP AV, Windows Connect and DLNA certified devices as well as game consoles such as the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Indeed, the LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini Home Edition is one powerful device.

Via the media portal, you get to access your media and files even when you’re on vacation, so long as you have an Internet connection and a browser. What’s more, you can even upload your files to it, making the LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini Home Edition a device that’s as versatile as a portable hard drive. LaCie 301269U Ethernet Disk Mini 500GB Network Attached StorageTo top it all off, you can also use it to backup your PC through the DesktopMirror software feature.

With the LaCie Ethernet Disk Mini Home Edition, it’s like never leaving home at all. With all the features and benefits it can offer, you’ll think twice about getting a portable hard drive. Without question, this device will change the way you understand data portability.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales