Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC As the rworld gets more energy-conscious each day, most businesses look for ways to reduce power consumption and operating costs. If you want to actively contribute to a greener world, then you need the Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC.

With the Windows XP Professional operating system, AMD Sempron LE-1150 processor, 1 GB of DDR2 667 memory, and 80GB SATAII hard drive, this affordable, space-saving, and environment-friendly desktop computer is completely designed for business use.

Ultra Small Wonder

The Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC‘s ultra small form factor just makes it perfect for offices with limited space. With its size, you can get full use of any room by taking as many units as you see fit, and you can also just put one anywhere without having to worry about potentially cluttering up an already messy workspace. Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC What’s more is that while productivity is increased, power consumption is reduced thanks to the environment-friendly design that starts with an extremely compact, yet solidly built, tool-free case which can be easily separated into two different pieces for quick memory and hard drive upgrades.

While its exterior is made of recycled resins to save the environment, its AMD Sempron LE-1150 processor help in reducing the computer’s energy consumption. It only expends 45W of power, but has a good 2GHz processor speed, and AMD64, Hypertransport and Cool’n'Quiet technologies that all work for an energy-saving, heat- and noise-reducing computer system.

AMD64 technology enables your computer to handle both 32- and 64-bit applications, while Hypertransport enables high speed I/O communication, and Cool’n'Quiet that works so you can enjoy high performance, overall power savings, energy efficiency, and seamless multitasking, minus the distracting heat and noise. Now you know why it has been awarded with an EPEAT gold rating, and tagged as Energy Star 4 compliant. If your work demands more than 1GB of RAM, you can up the desktop PC’s ante with up to 4GB of memory. The integrated ATI Radeon X1200 graphics card provides a mainstream solution for general desktop use such as sending and receiving email, word processing, and going online.

Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC

Aside from being good to the environment and also good at handling basic office applications, the Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC has a DVD-ROM / CD-RW Combo optical drive, 6 USB slots, Gigabit Ethernet, several audio jacks, and a VGA port, so you can easily use this versatile mini computer as a media center PC if you have an HDTV with VGA input or HDMI.

Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC Inexpensive yet efficient, the Lenovo A61e 6418-13U AMD Desktop PC can definitely be proud of its low wattage, cool-running processor, space-saving design, and 64-bit desktop computing that is future-proof and forward-thinking. Companies that are interested in saving space and cutting down on power costs will surely love using such an environment-friendly computer system in their business.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles