ATI FireGL V3100 Video CardATI’s family of Radeon graphics cards will serve you well when blasting through your favorite arena, as these cards are specially built for gaming. But what if you’re looking to equip your workplace PCs with the right graphics card for, well, work?

You’ll need a solution engineered for true professionals. The ATI FireGL V3100 Video Card is the perfect solution. It packs a graphical processing punch at an extremely competitive price!

Graphics Processing Power Minus Dragons, Explosions, Hobbits, Etc.

Hardware-wise, the ATI FireGL V3100 is a worker. Years of research and hard work let ATI come up with a PCI-Express-compatible graphics card that has the ability to reach impressive numbers that translate directly into real-world application. The card’s per-second fill rate is 1.6 billion pixels, and its ability to draw 200 million vertices per second give CAD (Computer-aided Design) and 3D animation professionals the power to create their digital masterpieces. ATI FireGL V3100 Video CardWith four pixel pipelines and 128 MB of DDR memory, video processes run smoothly and data traffic moves fast—a necessity, considering the demanding requirements of workstation applications. Along with this, the card’s ability to reach a memory bandwidth of 6.4GB per second goes a long way when facing extremely challenging workloads.

The ATI FireGL V3100 uses 24-bits per RGBA component technology, allowing the card to display a full spectrum of colors – 16.7-million of them to be exact! The card also has support for dual monitor setup via DVI and VGA ports. This way, CAD users have extra work space that ultimately enhances productivity and the overall usability of CAD applications. In addition, the card offers independent resolution and refresh-rate selection for any two linked displays.

From a software perspective, this card is a great choice for workstations. To begin with, the ATI FireGL V3100 features full support for the OpenGL Shading Language, OpenGL 2.0 and its various extensions, and Microsoft DirectX 9.0. Its compatibility with these standards inevitably results to full certification with the leading OpenGL and DirectX CAD, architecture/engineering/construction and content creation programs. Along with this, this card’s software drivers ensure the card is fully optimized to run those applications. Whether you’re operating in a Windows or Linux environment, you’ll find that the card works extremely well.

ATI FireGL V3100 Video Card

The ATI FireGL V3100 Graphics Card is the smart choice for business applications. It lets you accomplish a whole lot while remaining very affordable. Expect unprecedented cost-per-performance ratings from this card, and expect to make awesome looking graphics and designs with this great graphics card from ATI!

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales