HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PCIf you’re one of the people who won’t compromise computing performance for mobility, you may be looking for a desktop-replacement Laptop. Desktop-replacements offer a higher overall performance and extra features that just wouldn’t be possible in their more compact brethren.

Of course, that’s not to say that they’re any less mobile. These laptops are still, by leaps and bounds, easier to carry around than a full-fledged desktop PC. Check out the HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PC: a power-packed laptop that remains mobile enough for users on the go.

A Laptop That’s Worth the Weight

What’s surprising about the HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PC is that it looks sexy. You see, when you hear the term “desktop-replacement, and bulky and cumbersome usually come to mind. Fortunately, this beautifully-made laptop is just the opposite. Even with the high-powered components it packs inside, the laptop is able to keep a very slim and sexy profile. Look at it from every angle, and you’ll be surprised just how streamlined its dimensions are. Its high-gloss finish and inlaid design, thanks in large part to its HP Imprint finish, make it all the more attractive. And once you flip it open, prepare to be amazed with its gorgeous 17-inch WXGA+ LCD display with High-Definition BrightView.

Though the HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PC isn’t the lightest laptop around at 7.7 pounds, every ounce of it has been put to good use. Inside it is a 1.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5500 with Centrino mobile technology, a Geforce GO 7600 video card, 2 gigabytes of DDR 2 RAM, and a 200 gigabyte hard disk. Combined with its Geforce video card, these components perform well when it comes to gaming and video applications. Its 200 gigabyte hard disk can store an enormous amount of files. It ships with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, and is ready to connect to the Internet as well with a number of connectivity options including 802.a/b/g Wireless, and gigabit LAN. Don’t forget the 1.3 megapixel webcam and integrated microphone! the HP Pavilion dv9339us is all set for video conferencing.

HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PC

The HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PC gives you a variety of other connectivity and input options. Most impressive among them is its HDMI port. With it, you get to connect another display with almost zero signal noise, which makes for superb visual clarity, including HD Monsters Like flat panel LCD and Plasma screens. Also, you can connect various devices to the laptop through four USB ports and a Firewire port. Lastly, the laptop has built-in support for a number of memory card formats including SecureDigital, Memory Stick, xD-Picture Card, Memory Stick PRO and Multi Media Card. Simply put, the laptop provides you with extreme versatility.

HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PC

Get the HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PC for an exhilarating mobile computing and digital media experience. It is a worthy desktop replacement and one that’s truly worth the weight. It may be refurbished, but this laptop is indeed worth the weight!

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales