Cooler Master Hydra 8800 VGA Liquid Cooler For NVIDIA GeForce 880 GTX and 8800 UltraFew technologies can compare to the graphics processing power that the ultra-powerful Geforce 8800 and Geforce 8800 GTX graphics cards can whip up. These are two of the most formidable graphics cards today.

Unfortunately, they’re also notorious for running a little hot. To keep these extreme video solutions running cool, turn to the Cooler Master Hydra 8800: the perfect water-cooling device that allows your high-performance graphics card to run at optimum speeds!

Monster Cooling for your Geforce 8800

By combining the best that air and liquid cooling offers, the Cooler Master Hydra 8800 VGA Liquid Cooler efficiently lowers the overall heat of your graphics card, and subsequently that of your whole PC system as well. The air cooling mechanism found in this device features particular improvements over basic air cooling designs. Cooler Master Hydra 8800 VGA Liquid CoolerFirst and foremost, the sheer size of the fan allows it to suck huge amounts of air, resulting in large amounts of heat being dispelled quickly. Secondly, besides its size, the fan spins at a fast 1800 RPM. Lastly, the ingenious case design allows smooth entry of cool air and the quick exit of hot air. All of this results to decreased operating temperatures.

To further facilitate the Cooler Master Hydra 8800’s air cooling technology, the air cooling system is complemented by a liquid cooling system. Liquid cooling is a very effective heat management solution, since water has two characteristics that make it especially apt for dissipating heat: it draws heat faster and the other is that it absorbs more heat before its temperature begins to rise. As is the case with this device’s air cooling technology, its liquid cooling mechanism is quite advanced. Featuring a water block with pure copper base and three heatpipes, any heat from the graphics card won’t stay there for long!

Cooler Master Hydra 8800 VGA Liquid Cooler For NVIDIA GeForce 880 GTX and 8800 UltraThis is because the copper absorbs a lot of heat, which the device then cools in the water block and expels. The Cooler Master Hydra 8800 offers a leak-proof guarantee, so don’t worry. It’s very reliable and with a noise rating of only 19 dBA, you won’t notice it working its magic: you’ll just feel your graphics card’s increased performance.

Another thing that makes the the Cooler Master Hydra 8800 such a great choice is that it is easy to install. Just attach it to the graphics card, connect the necessary cables, and then connect the tubes. One tube serves as the inlet for the cool water, the other an outlet for the hot water. Cooler Master Hydra 8800 VGA Liquid Cooler For NVIDIA GeForce 880 GTX and 8800 UltraThe nozzles can be rotated 360 degrees for efficient tube positioning inside your PC. It comes with 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch nozzle fittings for near-universal compatibility with other liquid cooling systems. Since it doesn’t take an expert to install, you can solve your heat problems almost instantly!

You’re going to love the Hydra 8800 for giving your graphics card a higher overclocking threshold and it’s painless installation. If you own one of these high performance cards, then what are you waiting for? You definitely need the Cooler Master Hydra 8800.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales