JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV CamcorderThere was once a time when digital video cameras looked like big heaping hunks of plastic. No matter how well these earlier incarnations did their job, they weren’t easy to carry around. And even the lowest performing models cost you an arm and a leg.

The times have changed! If you’re after a great deal on a powerful video camcorder, consider the refurbished JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder. Modern in any sense of the word, this high performance camcorder is very easy to use and wield. Most importantly, it comes with a very attractive (read:low) price tag!

The Convenient and Clever Way to Capture Memories

But it’s the JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder’s integrated technology that really let’s you capture the perfect moment. The Super High-Band Processor and CCD sensor allows it to capture vivid, color-rich images. It uses the mini-DV recording medium, which is also one of the more compact recording formats today. With 30x optical zoom and 800x digital zoom, you can get in close to the action. JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder3D noise reduction technology provides 30% video noise reduction in low light that makes for generally sharper images. You’ll love this camcorder if you like capturing a lot of video: its battery is very durable and lasts up to 115 minutes on one charge. One push of the data button shows how much power is left in the battery, so you’ll know just how much time you have left to shoot!

The JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder weighs under a pound (0.85 lbs.) without its battery. That’s light! And it won’t get in your way during your travels. Even with the battery attached, the camera only weighs in at a single pound. For that reason alone, this camcorder is a wonderful choice for your vacations or your weekend picnic.

JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV CamcorderAside from being lightweight, this camcorder is also well-designed. With great ergonomics and well laid-out buttons, you’ll feel like you are always in control. Making use of its functions is incredibly easy, and as a result, you get great shots all the time. The 2.4-inch V-slide vertical sliding LCD is a very innovative feature as well! Since the display is very vivid, composing images is a cinch. There are still more controls mounted at the bottom portion of the LCD, which lets you adjust image settings as you like.

All in all, the refurbished JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder is a great choice geared towards the casual user. under 200 bucks nets you a camcorder that possesses all the right features which ultimately translates into a better video recording experience!

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales