Kodak EasyShare M863 Digital CameraAre you in the market for a new digital camera? All point-and-shoot cameras available today may seem to be created equally. But if you’re looking for a compact digital camera, the Kodak EasyShare M863 Digital Camera is perfect for you.

Not only does it fit in your shirt pocket, it takes pictures with a quality higher than its physical size would suggest. Better yet, it doesn’t just fit your pocket physically; it fits your budget too. Small meets powerful in this quality camera from Kodak!

Tiny Camera, Big Pictures

The Kodak EasyShare M863 Digital Camera’s main appeal is that it’s so slim and lightweight. This makes it easy to have in your pocket for when a good photo opportunity arises. Another appeal of this camera is its cool, contemporary exterior. Kodak EasyShare M863 Digital CameraWith sleek lines and simple colors, it’s very hip to look at. It’s perfect for the young shutterbug (or the young at heart). The 2.7-inch LCD screen is gorgeous as well. Occupying more than two-thirds of the camera’s back portion, it makes shot composition easy.

What’s stunning about the Kodak EasyShare M863 Digital Camera is that it takes big pictures—in both quality and in sheer size. Equipped with an 8.2 megapixel image sensor, the camera can take pictures that can be enlarged up to 30” x 40”. Its 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom capabilities let you come close to the action and capture even the little details. Kodak takes its cameras very seriously, so you can expect nothing but visual clarity and a full gamut of colors, breathing life onto your images.

With Face Detection Technology and Digital Image Stabilization, even when your subject moves, you can be sure that their faces remain sharp. Kodak Perfect Touch Technology cleans up dark areas to reveal more detail. At the same time, it allows you to print pictures the way they look in the camera. Additionally, a high ISO range lets you shoot good pictures even when there isn’t much light available. Lastly, 20 scene settings and three color modes allow you to adjust to situations quickly, ensuring great pictures all the time. If you’re a certified shutterbug, you will definitely like the quality of the pictures you can take with this camera. What’s more, the camera can be attached to optional docking accessories.

Kodak EasyShare M863 Digital Camera

Making the Kodak EasyShare M863 Digital Camera even more appealing is its support for micro SDHC cards. Combined with a long life Li-Ion battery, the picture taking action rarely stops. And once you’ve taken up all the space in the memory card, the camera automatically and seamlessly switches to the camera’s internal memory!

The Kodak EasyShare M863 Digital Camera is one impressive point-and-shoot. Don’t let its small size fool you; it can capture all your memories in high-quality fashion!

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales