If you want excellent audio quality and instant iPod access right in your car, then check out the Pioneer DEHP3000IB CD Receiver. Technology like the Supertuner IIID advanced analog and digital processing enhances your audio experience.

You also get crisp and clear sound quality from MP3, WMA, WAV, or AAC files: Just plug in any USB memory device or portable digital player, and get great results all the time! Moreover, with the built-in MOSFET 50W x 4 amplifier, you not only get excellent power and sound quality for four interior speakers, distortion is minimized as well.

Ditch the Factory-installed CD player Today!

The receiver has 2 RCA preouts so you can install additional amps and speakers so you can quickly upgrade your system. You can use the AUX input for connecting digital portable player or other external devices. This built-in input is located on the front panel for quick and convenient access! You can able enable Sirius radio’s Game Alert function provided you’re paying for the service. Pioneer DEHP3000IB CD ReceiverSimply set up the receiver, and it instantly alerts you when your favorite sporting events are about to start.

The Pioneer DEHP3000IB CD Receiver
has several special features so you can easily use your iPod® in your car. The brilliant LED display on the front panel lets you search and access your music files. Song title, artist, time and album information are displayed clearly, and the 7-Way Rotary Commander is intuitive and user-friendly. The central dial lets you control 90% of the unit’s functions and features. You can quickly scroll through your MP3, WMA, or AAC files and folders the same as if you’re using an iPod. Just by pressing and holding down the “List” button, folders pop up containing the songs made by the artist you’re listening to. Passenger Control Mode allows your passenger to use the iPod® directly in order to browse and select music.

Pioneer DEHP3000IB CD Receiver

The included remote lets you control the Pioneer DEHP3000IB CD Receiver even from the backseat! You can scan through radio channels, breeze through the 18 preset FM channels (or even 6 AM channels). The remote also allows you to control the volume, or quickly set the receiver to mute.

Pioneer DEHP3000IB CD Receiver

The Pioneer DEHP3000IB CD Receiver is the perfect head unit for replacing your factory radio or CD player for less. This is great-quality sound, for a price that’ll fit anyone’s budget!

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles