Novint Falcon Game ControllerGet ready for the Novint Falcon. This isn’t your average joystick, but an entirely new type of game controller.

Designed to replace your mouse or joystick ingame, the Falcon is essentially a small robot. The Novint Falcon Game Controller allows you to experience true virtual touch in a way that’s unlike any controller in history.

Real-time Tactile Interaction with your Gaming Reality

The Novint Falcon allows you to actually feel textile high fidelity, three dimensional force feedback. Novint Falcon Game ControllerYou move the Falcon’s controller right and left, forward and back (just like a mouse) but you can also move it up and down. When you move the free floating detachable grip and interact with a virtual object, the Falcon’s motors resist your movements creating the texture, shape, weight, dimension and dynamics relative to the game. These motors update approximately 1000 times a second, staying current with the displayed image on the screen.

Because the three dimensional feedback and interaction with the game causes the user to develop real physical manipulation skills (instead of just punching a macro key or clicking the mouse), the Novint Falcon adds an entirely new, ultra-realistic aspect of the game. While 3D imaging is nothing new, Novint’s technology transforms the user experience by adding realistically rendered tactile 3D touch to Computer Gaming.

Novint is pioneering all kinds of 3D touch products for the consumer market, the Novint Falcon being the flagship and introductory offering. In the past, the relative cost of 3D dimensional touch applications (also referred to as “Haptic” devices) made this kind of equipment impractical for consumer use. The best part about the Novint Falcon: It’s designed to be affordable for regular consumers.

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