Apple iPOD 80GB MP3 Player Silver NewWant a portable media player that has an insane amount of storage space? Check out the Apple iPod Classic 80GB MP3 Player. There are several reasons why the iPod is so popular: classy design, easy-to-use interface, and impressive capabilities, to name a few.

And this revamped iPod has even more great stuff: an anodized-aluminum faceplate and chrome back layer, a 2.5 inch screen is located above the click-wheel. Read on and see for yourself: top quality has become a standard design for this generation of iPods.

Aside from capacity, the Apple iPod Classic 80GB MP3 Player boasts of another noteworthy improvement: A new menu system. The new split-screen main menu displays your selections on one half of the screen and a picture related to the selection on the other half. Apple iPod Classic 80GB MP3 PlayerIf you highlight a selection on the main menu, the right half of the screen will display a random, drifting close-up of cover art from your music library. Other menu items such as movies, podcasts, and photos offer this split-screen display as well. You will love using the Cover Flow system (unique to certain iPod models) for browsing your music collection. This feature lets you choose your music by skimming through the cover art. Browsing music gets more fun, colorful, and less boring this way.

Support for video and music playback, as well as photos, podcasts, and video games, remain unchanged. Several improvements are still noticeable however, so it’s not just about the interface and the case. The Apple iPod Classic 80GB MP3 Player’s audio file format support include copy-protected AAC files purchased through iTunes, as well as MP3, Apple lossless, AIFF, WAV, and Audible files. This impressive MP3 player allows for manually adding and deleting music and video files without the hassles of playlist syncing. If you’re interested in storing videos, the iPod Classic can support MPEG-4 video in MOV, MP4, or M4V file formats. It can recognize and skip between the DVD-like chapter markers embedded in movie files, and can also resume video playback at the point at which you last left off. You can even switch close captioned subtitles on and off!

Apple iPod Classic 80GB MP3 Player

The music shuffle function, lets you easily engage and disengage the shuffle function instantly. With just a few clicks of the scroll wheel’s center button you can easily play the songs randomly. Just set the unit to shuffle a song or album into the “now playing” window. For more convenience, the versatile MP3 player can also be used as a USB hard drive. It also includes three video games, so you’ll definitely avoid being bored. Wonderfully, the Apple iPod Classic 80GB MP3 Player has 30 hours of audio playback and 5 hours of video. Outstanding battery life extends your audiovisual entertainment.

With these exceptional features, what more could you ask for? This high-capacity revision of the classic iPod opens the door to a new world of entertainment and convenience. Slim, stylish, and innovative, the Apple iPod Classic 80GB MP3 Player proudly delivers signature Apple sound quality, storage capacity and performance.

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