NEED FOR SPEED CARBON FOR PLAYSTATION 3 GAMEThe light turns green, and it’s time once again for the Need For Speed series to feed exactly what its name states: your need for speed.

Need For Speed: Carbon promises to take you on an exhilarating and visually stunning ride across cities, through highways and down alleyways, between canyons over mountainsides. Take the steering wheel for yourself–this is one game that you won’t want to ride shotgun on!

Hot off the blinding trail of smoke left by Need For Speed: Most Wanted, you and your street crew return to wage a pedal-to-the-metal war against rival racers in peaceful Palmont City. Need for Speed: CarbonOnce the day turns to night of course, this city is all but peaceful as you seek out and challenge racers one by one until you’re in control of all four territories.

Each territory is divided into multiple zones. But before a crew boss in a certain territory gives you the chance to challenge him, you need to win a few of the local zones first. This is much easier said than done, and since none of your rivals will easily give up their zones; you’ll have to take it from them. Win against them, and you take their turf. Once you’ve won enough, you’ll have the chance to win the whole territory–or get yourself humiliated. Duels at Carbon Canyon are especially challenging; the roads twist and turn like a snake gone mad. One mistimed turn or over-drift could spell disaster.

To have even a ghost of a chance at winning those races, you’ll need both driving skill and a mean car. Fortunately, if there’s one thing that this game doesn’t lack, it’s cars. Need for Speed: CarbonFrom Japanese import tuners to European super-exotics (or pure American muscle) this game has a vehicle that’ll fit your tastes and driving style—just don’t expect your granddad’s jalopy to be one of them.

Before you race though, make sure to make a couple of upgrades first; you’ll never know when you might need an extra nitro boost. And while you’re at it, why not make your car look meaner as well? The game’s Autosculpt feature lets you customize the looks of your car that will really let it stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, crew members help not just in the garage but in the actual races too. These wingmen, as they’re called, fall into three categories: blockers, drafters, and scouts. Need for Speed: CarbonBlockers will try to directly interfere with your rivals; drafters will let you ride the slipstream to give you a boost of speed; while scouts inform you where shortcuts might be. They might as well be the difference between winning and losing. If anything, they add even more depth to the already solid driving sequences in this game.

Need For Speed: Carbon will have your engines revved. Its great single player campaign mode plus online multiplayer modes are fast and furious. Its sense of style, visuals and impressive customization options will satisfy the street racer in you, no question. No matter how you look at Need for Speed: Carbon, you’re in for a ride.

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