Klipsch Groove PM20 Computer SpeakersThere’s no better way to enhance your PC experience than to install a new set of speakers. Improve your PC’s audio with one of the most reliable names in the speaker business. The Klipsch Groove PM20 Computer Speakers are designed to be both visually and audibly appealing.

When choosing the perfect speaker set for your computer, you’ll want one that reproduces natural-sounding instruments and voices (an exaggerated bass or treble response can be quite annoying). The sound quality of these speakers provide the perfect sound stage.

Enjoy your favorite collection of music and videos like never before. Immerse yourself in the Spartan kingdom of 300, or better yet, listen to the clear voice of Mariah Carey or the incredible singing performance of Amy Winehouse.

Klipsch Groove PM20 Computer SpeakersThe Groove PM20 Computer Speakers are also simple to set up. They can be connected to your laptop or PC via the stereo line input. You can also connect your portable music players through the stereo auxiliary input.

The Klipsch Groove PM20 Computer Speakers have a smooth, black design and silver trimming to make them visually appealing. The color scheme will complement your PC monitor and peripherals perfectly. Conveniently, these speakers have been designed small and compact, so you can take them anywhere. You can also easily adjust the bass level according to your listening environment (and taste). Additionally, each set of speakers has a stereo headphone jack and an RCA passive speaker connection. This RCA connection will let you install a third speaker or a subwoofer. So, if you want to improve an already great sound system, all you have to do is upgrade your speakers to a three-piece system. Enjoy your action-packed games, upbeat music and intense DVD movies like never before.

To ensure safety against power overload, the Klipsch Groove PM20 Computer Speakers have amplifier thermal, short circuit, and power limit protection. You get to enjoy the excellent sound quality for longer periods of time without worrying about possible electrical problems.

Easy to set-up and use, the Klipsch Groove PM20 Computer Speakers are affordable and reliable. These speakers deliver great sound quality that can only be rivaled their its stylish design. Compatible with both desktop computers and notebooks, you get to enjoy great music and videos all the more. These speakers are the classy, space-saving answer to your computer audio woes.

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