If you’re looking for a notebook that places priority on performance and simplicity, then the Compaq Presario F756NR Refurbished Notebook PC is premium choice. Unadulterated design, rigorous testing and flawless performance will make you fall in love with computers all over again.

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If You Crave Simplicity in Your PC Purchase

As far as 15-inch display laptops are concerned, the Compaq Presario F756NR Refurbished Notebook PC surprises with its weight of just under 6 pounds—5.68 to be exact. With this laptop, lets you enjoy a large display without the extra weight that similar laptops have. That aside, the Compaq Presario F756NR Refurbished Notebook PC looks impressive with modern cuts and sleek exterior.

What will impress you even more are the components this laptop has under the hood. Featuring a dual-core 1.9 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-58 processor and 2 gigabytes of RAM, simultaneously running demanding applications is smooth and effortless. With that amount of RAM, the system is able to keep data traffic smooth as well. So, whether you’re browsing the Net, typing or watching a movie, you don’t experience any hiccups whatsoever. Fitted with an NVIDIA GeForce 7000M GPU, gaming is a great experience on this laptop too. Likewise, this GPU assists in rendering video running high resolutions. Movies look great, and with the laptop’s Altec Lansing audio, they sound excellent as well.

Compaq Presario F756NR Refurbished Notebook pC

If you store a lot of multimedia files and documents, you’ll be pleased with the laptop’s 160-gigabyte hard drive. The dual-layer DVD±RW optical drive lets you back up your data or better yet lets you watch DVD movies. The Windows Home Vista Home Premium operating system ties everything together with its stability and its support for the most advanced features—all in all, you get a supreme mobile computing experience.

Compaq Presario F756NR Refurbished Notebook PC

The Compaq Presario F756NR notebook has several options for connecting to the Internet. Use either WiFi 802. b/g, LAN or a 56k modem connection and start communicating online, surfing websites or viewing online videos. The laptop also comes with connectivity options including USB ports and a 5-in-1 media card reader.

Simply put, the Compaq Presario F756NR Refurbished Notebook PC is powerful, full-featured and reliable. A great choice by any standard, it’ll make your mobile computing more fun than ever before.

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