iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming ComputerHardcore gamers rejoice! The iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming Computer is here, and it’s all set to take you to gaming heaven. Frankly, there’s only one thing that gamers have in mind when looking for a gaming computer: Power.

If you’re looking for an instant solution to your gaming needs, then this is it! Featuring the combination of lethal looks and even deadlier components, this set-top gaming computer will give you the advantage you need to conquer all your games.

Get the Gaming Advantage

Of course, all the benefits of having a great chassis would be rendered null if the components inside are cheap and useless. Inside it you’ll find an AMD Athlon 6400+ dual core processor, an NVIDIA 8800GT graphics card, and 3 gigabytes of DDR 2 RAM. iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming ComputerThese components add up to extreme gaming performance! Likewise, Windows Vista Home Premium works great for gaming since it supports DirectX 10—the next-generation PC gaming architecture. Through the combination of hardware and software, this PC manages to play the latest games with ease. With it, games run with a fast frame rate and fully-detailed graphics—exactly what the doctor ordered.

The iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming Computer looks mean and intimidating, thanks to the NZXT LEXA Blackline Chassis featuring a red and jet-black color theme. This is not your average everyday casing. The front and back panels extend a little beyond the top portion to give it an eye-catching look. These panels also sport a contoured surface, which contributes to the edgy vibe. iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming ComputerThe clear side panel glows an eerie red, thanks to the pre-installed neon lights inside. Two silent 120 mm fans and one 80 mm top fan provide excellent cooling for your components. Built with a one millimeter-thick steel, the PC is protected even if you take frequent trips to LAN gaming parties. Likewise, dust filters prevent the PC from accumulating harmful dust and debris, and three temperature display meters allow you to gauge if the PC is running optimally. With its screwless installation mechanism and large interior, it is quite effortless to install new components.

iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming ComputerMaking the iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming Computer even more worthy is its 500-gigabyte hard disk: games take up a lot of space, and without a hard disk as large as this; you won’t be able to install very many. What’s more, this gaming PC is equipped with a versatile motherboard, the Asus M2N-SLI. With support for the latest PCI Express standards and processors, you’ll be able to easily upgrade the PC if needed. Along with this, a 600-watt PSU also ensures that you’ll be able to use the most powerful (not to mention the most power-hungry) components.

The iBuypower Gamer 545-GZ AMD Gaming Computer is an ideal choice if you play games a lot. This will allow you to experience PC gaming the way it was supposed to be enjoyed.

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