Creative Labs Zen Stone 1GB MP3 PlayerMP3 players come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of style, price, and function, then grab the Creative Labs Zen Stone 1GB MP3 Player.

This flash based MP3 player is so small that it is comparable to a matchbox. It features a nice glossy casing in a rounded-rectangle shape. The miniature device comes in six colors to allow you to express yourself.

Minuscule Mobile Music Player

A circular control pad located at the front lets you adjust the volume and play and pause songs. A mini-USB port, a headphone jack, and a mode switch are located on its sides. There’s an available LED indicator light that changes color and blinks to indicate battery and playback status. A lanyard loop lets you hang the tiny device from your neck if you don’t want to keep it in your pocket.

An interesting part of the Zen Stone MP3 Player, the mode switch lets you change your player’s play modes. Aside from shuffling and repeating music, this switch can skip folders so you can easily locate your favorite music tracks. This lets you customize your music playback experience.

Creative Labs Zen Stone

The Zen Stone MP3 Player supports MP3, WMA, and Audible files, and you can drag-and-drop files in Windows Explorer or sync them through Windows Media Player. Your MP3 player is instantly recognized as a flash drive on your computer, so you can use other software for transferring files. Thanks to the Creative Media Lite software, uploading and organizing your music files get easier than ever. It supports the transfer of Windows Media® Digital Rights Management (WMDRM) 9 or copy-protected music. It even lets you protect your hearing through the Volume Restriction feature on your MP3 player. This feature lets you set and adjust your player’s maximum volume to a comfortable level.

Creative Labs Zen Stone

With the small, glossy design, easy-to-use controls and convenient software, the Creative Labs Zen Stone 1GB MP3 Player is a good choice considering the affordable price tag. This music wonder offers great value and is capable of beating other MP3 players in its category.

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