Sandisk Sansa View 8GB MP3 PlayerSandisk is a brand better known for its flash memory technology, so it comes as no surprise that they’ve banked on their expertise in solid state storage systems when developing their line of Sansa MP3 players. The Sandisk Sansa View 8GB MP3 Player is designed to deliver great value for a whole lot less than the competition.

The Sandisk Sansa View 8GB MP3 Player has photo and video support, a microSD card slot, an FM radio, and a voice recorder. It comes with a vibrant 2.4-inch LCD screen for navigating the menu and viewing photos. There’s also a separate podcast menu for sorting content easily. Image visibility will definitely not be an issue, due to the display’s 320×240 pixel resolution.

The video quality on the Sansa View 8GB MP3 Player is wonderful. Capable of playing videos at a rate of 30 frames per second, it brings almost DVD-quality smoothness to the palm of your hand. Sandisk Sansa View 8GB MP3 PlayerVideos played on this wonder-gadget look astonishing with no pixilation at all.

In addition to standard MP3 files, the Sansa View 8GB MP3 Player can play back a wide variety of other media files. It can support JPEG photos and MPEG4, WMV, and H.264 videos. You can even download videos purchased from services such as Amazon Unboxed and TiVoToGo on this device. Also, this player lets you enjoy video podcasts from iTunes .

Aside from those files, the Sansa View 8GB MP3 Player also supports WAV, unprotected AAC, Audible, and both protected and unprotected WMA. The player works well with absolutely any Windows Media-based audio service like Napster or Rhapsody. Basically, the Sansa View 8GB MP3 Player can play just about any type of music or video format through the media conversion software SanDisk provides at their website.

Sandisk Sansa View 8GB MP3 PlayerBut those features aren’t the only things that make this flexible device terrific, because it also lets you switch over to the onboard FM tuner. The tuner features autoscan and 20 preset slots that remember your 20 favorite FM stations. Besides the excellent video and audio support features, the Sansa View 8GB MP3 Player has a micro SD slot will allow up to 8GB of additional memory. That means more music and video files at a more formidable price!

The fact that you can get most of the same features in the Sansa View that you can get in the more expensive Mp3 players in the market makes this such a bargain. Sure, the Sansa View may be a little larger than most MP3 Players, but it still is a very capable player with a great assortment of features that boasts of superior performance. And at that incredibly low price, who wouldn’t want to own something like the Sansa View 8GB MP3 Player?

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer