Logitech mm50 Portable SpeakersThere is no question that the Apple iPod is a capable mobile media device the moment you take it out of its box. Needless to say, the simple iPod and earphone duo is an already deadly combination—especially in the fight against boredom. But what if you want your friends to be able to listen to the music as well?

You can’t just bring your home audio component and its speakers with you all the time. That’s just impossible and that would defeat the iPod’s purpose and design. Luckily, Logitech offers one superior solution for your mobile music needs. The Logitech mm50 Portable Speakers are specially designed speakers that are built to be portable, functional and powerful. It is the perfect set of speakers for people who like bringing their iPods with them during trips.

Your iPod, Out Loud

As mentioned above, the Logitech mm50 Portable Speakers are very portable. It has a compact and lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry around. Its streamlined and semi-flat profile makes it easy to store in a medium-sized bag. Logitech mm50 Premium iPod Speakers - BlackThe speakers come with a protective carrying case, ensuring that the speakers remain in pristine condition, even if they are carried around all the time.

As for the sound quality, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Despite its small size, the Logitech mm50 Portable Speakers are capable of producing bass sounds that can envelop a medium-sized room. The bass provides full-bodied richness that adds depth to the overall sound. Treble is also produced crisply and with a minimal amount of distortion. The Logitech mm50 Portable Speakers use 3-inch pressure drivers which help maximize the overall quality of the sounds. This set of speakers also features 3-D sound processing that expands the stereo effect, making it seem like the sounds are coming from a larger set of speakers.

The Logitech mm50 Portable Speakers are compatible with 3rd-generation iPods on up to the current models. It also works with iPod Touch, Minis, and Nanos. It even has remote control functionality as well. Protective caseLast but not the least, the battery life of this set of speakers lasts for about ten hours, and is capable of simultaneously charging with the iPod unit itself.

It is difficult to find a speaker package that can deliver a combination of portability and quality. The Logitech mm50 Portable Speakers is an excellent set of speakers capable of producing an impressive audio with a wide spectrum covering both bass and treble ranges.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer