Jabra S5010 Klipsch Stereo SpeakerA speaker has been created for all your mobile music devices by taking the best from two worlds: universal connectivity from Jabra, and world-class acoustics by Klipsch. It has been designed for music lovers who store music on a variety of devices and to provide high quality of sound regardless of the source.

The global No. 1 headset provider, Jabra, whose years of telecommunications excellence turned it into an award-winning electronics brand, naturally collaborated with the Klipsch Audio technologies to create this innovative wonder we know as the Jabra S5010 Klipsch Stereo Speaker.

MusicPhones without the Headphones

Stylishly simple with elegant and intuitive user controls and LED indicators, this stereo speaker not only looks great in your home, but also delivers excellent sound quality. What’s more is that the Jabra S5010 Klipsch Stereo Speaker features a universal corded connectivity system that allows connection to most music phones, music players and PC’s, no matter what the form and shape of the device is. Jabra S5010 Klipsch Stereo SpeakerThe universal corded connectivity system is so great, it turns the Jabra S5010 Klipsch stereo speaker into one of the best available for the Apple iPhone!

Aside from having dual 2.5 inch fiber-composite woofers, this speaker has a Class D amplifier. This type of amplifier uses the a transistor switching mode to regulate power delivery. The amplifier, therefore, features high power efficiency and low energy losses. Also, the Jabra S5010 Klipsch Stereo Speaker weighs just 4.8 lbs, which makes it very easy to maneuver around the house. This is the best way to enjoy the music on your iPhone while sitting on a couch at home. And since this speaker can really blast, you can take this wonderful gadget out in the park and listen to your favorite tracks with your friends.

Jabra S5010 Klipsch Stereo SpeakerAside from having a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor, the Jabra S5010 Klipsch Stereo Speaker also comes with three connector cables: 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm, and mini USB which can be plugged directly through the headphone jack of any audio device. For coming from two leaders in superior technological innovation, and also for delivering sound clarity and detail not available in other speaker systems for mobile phones, this hi-fi stereo speaker can easily become a must-have in every home.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer