Ultra X-Wind High Performance CPU CoolerWhen using high-performance CPUs, problems of overheating may sometimes arise. This is because powerful CPUs tend to transfer and process data at very high speeds and in very high volumes which could possibly lead to excessive heat—especially in ill-equipped PC systems.

It is true that most modern processors today already come pre-equipped with a fan and a heatsink. the combination of a PC with high-performance, heat-generating components and a casing that does not allow for good airflow can magnify a CPUs heat problems to the point of eventual CPU meltdown. Fortunately, all of those can be easily remedied with an Ultra X-Wind High Performance CPU Cooler; the simplest element of the oft-unappreciated Heat Management system.

Affordable Heat Management from Ultra

Unassuming to look at, yet highly capable, the Ultra X-Wind High Performance CPU Cooler is the superior solution to all your PC’s heat problems. Equipped with as many as 120 fins, this CPU cooler boasts a greater surface area than the typical machined heatsink that most CPUs originally come packaged with. Ultra X-Wind CPU FanThis way, the heat is successfully drawn away from the CPU, instantly dissipated and ultimately expelled out of your PC. The mechanism works in a very simple way, yet sadly, it is this kind of simplicity that we sometimes take for granted. Simply put, the Ultra X-Wind High Performance CPU Cooler does its job, and it does its job well—no compromise whatsoever.

More than an effective heat-killer, what’s even more impressive about the Ultra X-Wind High Performance CPU Cooler is that it works in a very silent way. You could even probably call it the “heat ninja” but let’s reserve that topic for another time. There are a lot of other CPU cooling units out there in the market today, but not a lot of them can claim to be as quiet as this one. Ultra X-wind High Performance CPU CoolerLikewise, the Ultra X-Wind High Performance CPU Cooler is also very versatile as it will work with a variety of CPU socket types including sockets 939, 754, 940 and 478.

The Ultra X-Wind High Performance CPU Cooler also gets the thumbs up in terms of weight and durability. Some CPU coolers are too heavy that it could possibly break your motherboard or processor. That is thankfully not the case with this cooler as it is very light and easy to install as well. Made by the quality PC peripheral provider, Ultra, it comes as no surprise that this CPU cooler can last over 50,000 hours. It’s safe to say that once you get this cooler, you won’t need to look for another CPU cooling unit.

Keep your PC’s temperature cool as ice with the Ultra X-Wind High Performance CPU Cooler. Finally you can wave goodbye to the headaches an overheating and underperforming PC gives you.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer