Epson PowerLite S5 LCD ProjectorImagine if you only had one chance to successfully convince your audience of a bold idea. Wouldn’t you wish to have the best equipment available during the presentation in order to make the situation advantageous for you?

There is always something on the line when doing business presentations, and after all has been said and done, you’ll find satisfaction in knowing that you made full use of every tactic possible. You’ll also be glad you sprung for the Epson PowerLite S5 LCD Projector.

Get Your Business Done Right

With the Epson PowerLite S5 LCD Projector, what you have is a powerful companion to take with you during important presentations that will help the audience visualize the ideas you want to impart upon them. Never settle for anything less. Epson 2000 Lumens SVGA LCD ProjectorWhile you convince the audience with your rousing speech, the Epson PowerLite S5 LCD Projector takes care of displaying your visual aids. The Epson PowerLite S5 LCD Projector is the perfect companion for eye-catching presentations.

With a crystal clear SVGA resolution (800×600), images always come out looking vivid and sharp. The audience will not have to blink their eyes constantly just to see what’s going on. Boasting of the ability to output over 16.7 million colors at a contrast ratio of 400:1, the Epson PowerLite S5 LCD Projector is able to display images that are deep, rich, and full-of-life.

Moreover, the Epson PowerLite S5 projector has a brightness level of 2000 lumens and utilizes advanced high-aperture Epson 3LCD technology, which allows it to project images in almost all kinds of room sizes and conditions. Adding to its versatility is its ability to utilize different video signals such as NTSC, PAL and even HDTV. It can also output at different aspect ratios—standard 4:3 and widescreen 16:9. You can practically use it in any room or theater and whatever the working conditions may be.

Epson PowerLite S5 LCD Projector

The Epson PowerLite S5 LCD Projector is the smart choice for professionals on the go. It is very light at a mere 5.8 pounds, making it one of the most portable projectors around. It is also ready for immediate use with its Instant On Technology that allows it to fully operate in less than five seconds. It even has a slide for instantly shutting off images or sound. Last but not the least; it has a very durable and very power-efficient E-TORL lamp that lasts around 4000 hours.

Start making effective presentations today with the Epson PowerLite S5 LCD Projector. It is the perfect high-performing projector for the high-performing professional. No other projector cuts it the way this one does.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer