Sennheiser PC 156 USBMore than its interactive elements, the true gamer knows that the real gaming experience is not just a visual experience but an audio one as well. However spectacular a monitor is in displaying images, to fully enjoy a game the way that the developers intended requires no less than a powerful sound system.

Of course, there are a few things to consider when it comes to sound. For one, there is a chance that the place you live in simply won’t allow a 5.1 or a 7.1 surround sound setup (think neighbors). Thankfully, there is a great alternative to a full sound setup: The Sennheiser PC 156 USB Noise Canceling Headset works great.

Surround Sound Shoehorned into a USB Headphone Set

The Sennheiser PC 156 USB Headset is an over the head set of earphones (with two 3.5mm stereo jacks and a USB sound card adapter) specifically designed with gamers in mind. First of all, the PC 156 features closed-back capsules that are great for canceling out any outside noise that may distract you from concentrating on the game. Sennheiser PC156 Noise canceling HeadsetAdding to that, this set of headphones is capable of producing sound of up to 118 decibels. Thanks to the ever-impressive acoustics of Sennheiser products, pumping the headphones up to such high volume levels never results in cracking or any sort of sound distortion. Simply put, you’re assured of quality sound the whole time you’re playing.

Wearing the Sennheiser PC 156 USB Headset over your head feels very comfortable as it sports an adjustable headband. Even if your head is as big as a watermelon, this set of headphones will fit you snugly. The earpads also feel very soft, which is a blessing especially during prolonged gaming sessions.

Moreover, the Sennheiser PC 156 is lightweight and ergonomic, thus it almost feels like you’re not wearing it at all. Bulky headphones can be distracting to gamers, which is why the PC 156 USB headset could prove quite invaluable to gamers who constantly need to be focused on their digital battles. Controlling the volume is a breeze, thanks to the well-integrated in-line volume control.

Other than that, since the Sennheiser PC 156 features a USB sound card adapter, it is incredibly easy to bring along and plug in to different PCs—perfect for LAN parties and gaming tournaments. In addition, the sound card adapter ensures that the user’s settings stay intact even when used in a variety of PCs.

A feature which gamers will definitely welcome is the integrated noise-canceling microphone with adjustable boom that the Sennheiser PC 156 USB headset comes with. You will be able to talk to the others in your party clearly. Strategizing or commanding your strike team in every round is definitely easier with the PC 156′s high-quality microphone unit, thereby giving you an advantage over your enemies—human or otherwise. Additionally, the microphone allows you to use the Sennheiser PC 156 USB headset for other purposes such as VoIP and Skype applications. The Sennheiser PC 156′s reputation as an impressive pair of headphones makes it a true gamers’ choice.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer