While it is true that you can just as well use your laptop to watch your favorite DVD movies on-the-go, there are extra benefits you do get to enjoy with a dedicated portable DVD player. In a nutshell, these portable DVD players are simply more lightweight, have better battery life than most laptops, and are easier to switch on and operate.

For a truly convenient DVD viewing experience, turn your attention to the Toshiba SD-P71S Portable DVD Player. With its compact size and robust set of features, the SD-P71S has all the trimmings of a modern mobile device. And it could also be your perfect traveling companion.

Perfect to take with you On-The-Go

As far as style is concerned, the Toshiba SD-P71S is one of those devices that you would just love to show off to your friends. In a word, you can say that this nifty device is sexy. It’s black, beautiful, and possesses a clean, unassuming appearance that is nonetheless pleasing to the eye. Also, the player’s surface and LCD screen are very smooth looking.

As for the control interface, you’ll no doubt have a smooth time learning its functions thanks to its ergonomically designed button layout. Based on looks alone, it is safe to say that this one is as much a winner as every other Toshiba product.

Portability-wise, the Toshiba SD-P71S gets the two thumbs up. It weighs like a feather, and bringing it around wherever you go—as it was designed for—is undeniably an effortless task. Take it with you on your next plane or automobile trip, and let it entertain you; with a battery playback life of around three hours, you reach your destination just as the movie finishes. That’s why it’s perfect for short trips—you’ll never even noticed you’ve already reached your destination thanks to the entertainment this device provides.

Of course, what is also safe to say is that this portable DVD player is equally remarkable once you get this device up and running. Use it even once, and it becomes hard to find another portable player that provides a quality viewing experience such as this. With a vivid 7-inch display, you get to see movies in their full glory. Sure you can opt for a more compact media player, but with their small screens it’s hard for you to see what’s happening on screen. Worse, you might damage your eyes from having to constantly blink just to see the action.

Additionally, this device not only plays a variety of DVD formats, but it can also act as a digital photo frame for JPEG images and an audio player for MP3 and WMA files. With its excellent built-in speakers and simulated surround sound feature, it becomes a joy to watch movies and it also provides a great aural experience. Indeed, few can complain about the SD-P71S as a portable media device.

If you’re looking for a way to kill time when traveling, then the SD-P71S is clearly a powerful choice. Compact yet capable—this portable DVD player is an ideal traveling companion.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer