Vantec NexStar CX 2.5Adhering to its core values of form and functionality, California-based Vantec Thermal Technologies unveils the latest in its cutting-edge roster of thermal solutions products: the NexStar CX 2.5” External Hard Drive Enclosure – USB 2.0. Yes, the name’s quite a mouthful, but the tongue-twisting technical moniker packs just the kind of value this specialized enclosure keeps under wraps.

Neatly tucked within its sleek black aluminum casing is data storage capacity and disk drive conversion capability. Its simple design also makes it easy to install. On its left side are the two outlets needed for it to carry out its conversion and storage tasks: a USB port and a DC Power Input.

A Casing with Capacity

The power of this gadget lies in its ability to transform your garden variety SATA 2.5” Hard Drive into a portable hard drive compatible with any system that has a USB port. The NexStar CX 2.5” External Hard Drive Enclosure is compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 interfaces.

Vantec NexStar CX 2.5Transfer rates, while not staggering, can still reach up to 480 Mbps. It is hot-swappable which means no rebooting is needed to detect the external hard drive. For those who want the cross between functionality and aesthetics, a bright blue LED indicates Hard Disk Drive activity and Power.

While the aluminum casing protects the drive from movement and vibration, it also serves as a heat dissipater that prevents the unit from overheating. With dimensions only slightly larger than a suited man’s breast pocket (think 5.13″ x 3.22″ x 0.51″), the NexStar CX 2.5” External Hard Drive Enclosure is slim and lightweight. It keeps your 2.5” hard drive safe and useful.

The Vantec NexStar CX 2.5″ External Hard Drive Enclosure is your perfect solution for transferring and storing large amounts of data safely.

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Contributed by Arne Galang, Product Reviewer