Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 ProcessorIf you are looking for a capable budget processor that has enough overclocking possibilities for the mild enthusiast in you, you have to try the Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 Processor.

This entry-level product from Intel has been equipped with the right amount of power to provide good performance in running games and basic OS tasks. This is certainly the processor that gives the most bang for every buck because of its notable features.

Super Power is with Intel

The Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 Processor provides a better upgrade path for your computer system because it features the popular Socket 775 interface and runs on dual cores. Users who multi-task will greatly benefit from a dual core processor that has the Intel reliability and quality.

 Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 Processor HH80557PG0491M Since a dual core processor system uses two processor cores to share the load at any given time, execution of multiple tasks is made faster and easier. So, while you’re playing Doom 3 on your computer, you can also burn a DVD or listen to music at the same time.

This impressive performance increase is obviously tempting for media enthusiasts who run Windows Media Player while downloading large files, and even professionals who get their heads wrapped up in creative software suites such as those for photo-editing and graphic design work. Basically, dual-core processors provide two complete execution cores instead of one, with each core having its own cache and an independent interface to the front side bus. Because of these cores, your computer’s operating system will have sufficient resources to handle intensive tasks. With Intel® 64 technology, it can support applications designed for 32- and 64-bit systems.

However, the Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 Processor does more than provide a noticeable improvement in multi-tasking. With 1MB of L2 cache, you get to run different applications that require a lot of memory to accomplish. The 800MHz front side bus is already enough to run even the most threaded of applications quickly and efficiently.

For people who want to overclock their PCs, 2.2GHz is far from the potential limit because the E2200 runs a clock multiplier of 11x. Relying on the Intel cooling technology will certainly take you far in overclocking this dual core processor.

These features integrated in the Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 Processor obviously make this the choice for the overclocker in you. Productivity is the essential factor here, and a dual-core processor that has enough power to multi-task is what every mainstream user needs.

If you want a dual-core processor featuring 65nm technology and are into overclocking, install the affordable Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 Processor in your computer system now and unleash its hidden potential. Two pairs of hands make the work go faster, and, in this case, having a quality pair of hands is always a better choice.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer