SanDisk Extreme® III CompactFlash® 16GBIf you are a serious photographer, then you are aware of the fact that you simply cannot and must not compromise performance with run-of-the-mill products. Just as important as a photographer’s own skill is his arsenal of equipment.

Lenses, filters, flash units, the cameras themselves, and the storage solutions all need to be of exceptional quality. This is why the serious photographer should opt to make use of the SanDisk Extreme® III CompactFlash® 16GB—the premier flash memory solution for true professionals.

Store More Digital Pictures than you can Take

The SanDisk Extreme® III CompactFlash® 16GB is designed for the most demanding digital photographers and media users. If you need a flash card that is extremely fast, highly durable and boasts a high capacity, the SanDisk Extreme® III CompactFlash® 16GB is the right one for you. It offers the kind of performance that fits the bill perfectly for professional photographers who work under the most stressful conditions and environments. Sandisk 16GB Extreme III Compact FlashWhereas inferior cards are prone to breaking down under rigorous use, the SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash® 16GB continues to work, and continues to work flawlessly. It makes use of Sandisk’s award-winning flash technology, so you know you’re getting no less than the best. Plus, it comes with Sandisk’s lifetime warranty to keep you covered just in case worse comes to worst.

Revolutionary ESP Technology makes it possible for the SanDisk Extreme® III CompactFlash® 16GB to achieve an almost unparalleled level of speed and performance. ESP or Enhanced Super-Parallel Processing allows this card to reach an impressive minimum data read and write speed of 20MB per second. Combined with a high-performance camera, serious photographers will be able to shoot pictures without delay—great photo after great photo with amazing consistency. Especially for photographers who work in harsh conditions, the speed advantage that the SanDisk Extreme® III CompactFlash® 16GB delivers is definitely a blessing.

Speaking of harsh conditions, the SanDisk Extreme® III CompactFlash® 16GB is shock-tested and engineered to operate within a wide temperature range from -13° Fahrenheit to 185° Fahrenheit. Rain or shine, this flash card can keep up with the diverse gamut of environments that a photographer might come across. Whether it be a day in a humid tropical forest or maybe in the unforgiving desert, this flash card keeps storing images without a single complaint.

Digital Camera Flash Storage Capacities

Digital Camera Flash Storage Capacities

In addition, just to give you an idea of the storage capacity of this flash card, 16 gigabytes is roughly the equivalent of 2700 12-megapixel photos or 17,000 2-megapixel photos. This means it is less unlikely to run out of memory for high-resolution photos in the middle of an important assignment, thereby allowing photographers to do away with the extra flash cards in their pockets—definitely a good thing when traveling from one place to another.

Sandisk 16GB Extreme III Compact FlashOne of the best things about the Sandisk Extreme III CompactFlash 16GB is that it boasts a powerful data recovery software, RescuePRO. With this software, recovering images or other files such as word documents, mail and other digital media is a cinch to accomplish. This software features pioneering media recovery algorithms, which means accidental data deletion has met its match. With it, you’ll be able to recover data you thought you didn’t need any longer, faster than you can say RescuePRO.

The Sandisk Extreme III CompactFlash 16GB is the ultimate flash memory solution for the true professional photographer. Durability, capacity, and performance—this flash card boasts of all this and more.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer