HP W2207With the coming of the digital age of PC displays, good LCD monitors, to put things bluntly, are indeed a dime a dozen. This brings up several questions. How do you sift out the truly exceptional from the merely acceptable? How do you know if a certain LCD monitor is actually perfect, both for your budget and personal tastes?

How do you know if the certain LCD monitor you’re eyeballing is going to give you the most bang for buck and isn’t going to leave you feeling ripped off? Honestly, there isn’t an easy way to answer all those questions. But allow me to give you a brilliant choice: the HP W2207—a gorgeous monitor inside and out.

Everything from Dual DVI to USB input Included

The HP W2207 is a 22-inch LCD widescreen monitor that is ideal for anyone who requires a large display for their computing habits. Not only does this monitor come with an attractive price tag for such a large display, it also comes with HP’s guarantee of quality, durability and performance. HP w2207 22No doubt, everyone will be pleased. And should the need arise, this beautiful LCD monitor comes with a 12-month labor and parts warranty—a true mark of HP’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Featuring HP’s own BrightView panel technology, the HP W2207 can display images that are vivid and lifelike. Utilizing a wide gamut of colors, and a wide range of blacks and whites made possible by its 1000:1 contrast ratio, images come out with so much depth and richness. Your viewing experience is truly enhanced whether you’re gaming, watching a movie or just browsing the Internet. It has a crystal-clear 1680 X 1050 resolution, which allows for an amazing level of detail down to the last pixel of an image. Fast-moving images such as games and movies are displayed ever-so-smoothly thanks to this monitor’s fast 5ms response time. Plus, the HP W2207 has built-in stereo speakers for added functionality. These impressive numbers and specs make the HP W2207 a great choice.

HP w2207 22But numbers and specs alone do not make the product. After all, what good are numbers unless you’re a scientist or a mathematician, right? In order to gauge if the HP W2207 is truly exceptional, let’s look at it from a more practical perspective. First of all, with its large screen dimension, people who use content creation software and other digital media editing suites can lay out the multiple layers and pages of their project, thereby helping them accomplish more.

Using basic productivity software and browsing the Internet is also easier thanks to the generous amount of workspace this LCD monitor offers. Secondly, you can position the monitor vertically or horizontally. When it is rotated vertically, it makes it easier to read long documents and web pages—the need to scroll down constantly becomes less of a necessity. And the HP W2207′s stand allows you to adjust the monitor so you can position the screen exactly the way you want it. Finally, the monitor is a plug-and-play device, so there’s you won’t have to install any complicated drivers.

All in all, the HP W2207’s powerful combination of practical features and sheer numbers make it one of the superior choices in its price range. In fact, few can touch the HP W2207 when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer