XION Simple Power 630-Watt ATX Power SupplyThe power supply is one of the most important parts in a personal computer. Unfortunately, its importance is oftentimes overlooked. Manufacturers would sometimes skimp on the quality of power supply units to meet the lowest possible price points of pre-assembled PCs.

Many consider it as one of the most failure-prone components in any computer system, especially due to the fact that so many system assemblers use the cheapest ones they can find. XION answers this common problem with the XON-630P12N Simple Power 630-Watt ATX Power Supply. It is moderately priced and conforms to the ATX specifications therefore it will work well and fit in most computer enclosures.

The Beating Heart of Your Desktop

Because a power supply’s main connection is with the motherboard, and currently there are now two main standards for desktop computers, purchasing a smart product like the XION Simple Power 630-Watt ATX Power Supply will, over time, be evidently worth it. XION XON-630P12N Simple Power 630-Watt ATX PSUThis versatile device has the 20+4 pin feature which allows you to connect with the older 20-pin motherboards and the newer 24-pin ones.

The XION Simple Power 630-Watt ATX Power Supply also features a lot of connectors to give you ample room to amp up and personalize your computer. 2 SATA power connectors and 2 PCI-express ones let you include SATA hard drives and PCI-express video cards on your computer. Its titanium nickel coated exterior gives the XION Simple Power 630-Watt ATX Power Supply a clean look and good protection against overheating. It also has a 4.7” Silent Cooling Fan for maximum cooling.

And to keep up with the demands of the constantly improving market today, this up-to-date wonder is SLI ready. This new technology called SLI is a revolutionary concept that allows a user to fuse the processing power and memory of two video cards. This means unbeatable computer performance. Aside from that, the XION Simple Power 630-Watt ATX Power Supply is also Crossfire ready to allow you to run ATI. An SLI and Crossfire ready power supply simply equates the capability to feed two video cards while reducing the possibility of instability.

With all these remarkable features, the XION Simple Power 630-Watt ATX Power Supply is deemed to be the clever choice of consumers looking for stable and consistent current delivery and outstanding performance that matches the growing demand of the technology industry.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer