Flip Video Ultra 60-Minute CamcorderRead on if you want to know a more convenient way to upload videos on YouTube. Shooting and sharing videos online has never gotten better now that we finally have a slim, pocket-size video recording device. Let’s give a shout out to Pure Digital Technologies for releasing the Flip Video Ultra 60-Minute Camcorder.

Featuring a hideaway USB connector and built-in software, the Flip Video Ultra 60-Minute Camcorder is a simple plug-and-play video camera that makes viewing and sharing your videos easier than ever.

Making Viral Video Made Easy

If convenience and portability is what you are after, try using the Flip Video Ultra 60-Minute Camcorder. Pure Digital Technologies Flip Video Ultra 60 Minute Camcorder Introducing consumers to a whole new world of quick shoot-and-share video technology, this highly-compact video camera features built-in software that enables users to easily capture, edit and share videos.

This built-in software takes the movie-making process to a new level by giving out a movie-like compilation complete with transitions, special effects, and optional background music, all with just a click of a button.

Here is a more detailed description on how to use the movie-editing software of the Flip Video Ultra 60-Minute Camcorder. The portable device actually has a built-in USB connector that you can connect to your Windows PC (Windows 2000/XP or later. After that a link to the camera’s software quickly pops up. With a Mac (OS X or later), though, you must first install the software the first time you use it because it will appear as another drive upon first use. What’s wonderful about this software is that just by clicking on the Share Video button in the software interface, you get the option to share your video file via e-mail, private video greeting card, or just share it online.

Create, edit and share videos on YouTube or AOL Video with just one click of a button. You’d first have to have an account however, but the fact remains that with the Flip Video Ultra 60-Minute Camcorder, you can automatically upload videos online, for public or private viewing, instantly.

Pure Digital Technologies Flip Video Ultra 60 Minute Camcorder

Besides this key selling point of this highly portable video-making wonder is that it has a 1.5-inch LCD screen that allows for instant review. This way, you will be able delete any undesirable clips instantly. Aside from offering sharp resolution, it also enables you to still see what’s onscreen even in bright daylight.

The Flip Video Ultra 60-Minute Camcorder also has a video out connector, so you can view video clips even on TV as long as that TV has a composite-video in socket.

Apart from the built-in software and USB and competent LCD screen, it also has a built-in tripod mount so you can easily attach the camcorder to a tripod. How convenient is that? Now you can record up to 60 minutes of raw footage without the disruption of a shaky hand.

With all these features, the Flip Video Ultra 60-Minute Camcorder can quickly become a bestseller in the portable camcorder market. If you can’t wait to get your movies up at YouTube, you should get a hold of this innovative device today and start working on those videos.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer