The Viewsonic VP2250wb 21.6" Professional Widescreen LCD MonitorIf your work requires you to use a computer monitor that has precise color reproduction ideal for graphics production or media editing, then the Viewsonic VP2250wb 21.6″ Professional Widescreen LCD Monitor is perfect for you. From where else can you get a reliable monitor other than one of the leading global providers of visual display products?

A new member of Viewsonic’s family of professional-grade desktop LCD monitors, the VP2250wb boasts of having OptiColor technology that can provide 106% color saturation and therefore richer, more precise colors.

A High-Quality Monitor worth Looking at

This wide color technology, which enable the VP225owb to outperform most LCD panel that can only display 72% of the NTSC spectrum, offers professionals, like graphic artists and photographers, a wider palette to work with and better color accuracy. Viewsonic VP2250wb 21.6This amazing flat panel display is also capable of providing an impressive 1000:1 (static) contrast ratio that you can change to a 3000:1 (dynamic) one using the on-screen menu.

Apart from its stunning display capabilities however, the VP2250wb LCD features a tilt range of of 5 degrees backwards and 20 degrees forwards. The construction of the VP2250wb monitor also allows you to pivot the panel up to 90 degrees for portrait-mode viewing, which lets you view documents and web pages top to bottom without scrolling down. The back of the monitor features a DVI and an analog PC input and five USB ports for great connectivity. It has to be noted, too, that the DVI port is HDCP-compliant which means you get to watch high-definition movies without having to worry about the possibility of digital data being intercepted midstream between the source to the display.

Adaptable Controls and Onboard Technology for a Superior Picture

If you want to change settings such as color temperature, brightness, contrast, image size, focus, and position, all you will have to do is access the on-screen setup menu through the four function buttons on the monitor. The included Portrait Display’s PerfectSuite Plus software also provides access to fine tuning and sharpness settings via your keyboard and mouse, and has a calibration wizard that makes it easy to properly set up the display using the resolution, brightness, and color temperature controls.Viewsonic VP2250wb 21.6 From within the software, you can enable an auto-pivot function that changes image orientation.

When enabled, the additional theft deterrent option requires the user to enter a PIN number when connecting to another system. Also included in the VP2250wb package are analog, DVI, and USB cables. As always, ViewSonic backs the VP2250wb with a three-year warranty that cover parts, labor, and backlighting.

The VP2250wb is a solid performer that delivers bright, vibrant pictures. The color capabilities it can offer make it a good choice for graphic artists, photographers, and for those who simply want the best in terms of display quality. If you are looking for one that does all these, then set up your computer with the Viewsonic VP2250wb 21.6″ Professional Widescreen LCD Monitor now.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer