If you’re an astute gaming enthusiast who wants a portable computer that helps you get the most out of your game, why not get assistance from one of the innovative leaders of cutting-edge technology in the PC gaming market today? Being a manufacturer of high performance computing devices in the 90s, Hypersonic PC Systems can no longer be hailed as a newcomer in its field.

Although already renowned for finding new ways to provide top-quality PCs, the company has stepped up the game again by introducing another high-performance gadget in their impressive line of notebook PCs. Now you can stop looking for a notebook PC packed to the brim with great features, because the Hypersonic Aviator SR5 Notebook PC is now readily available for purchase.
The Hypersonic Aviator SR5 Notebook PC may look like any average portable notebook out in the market today, but if you will take a closer look to what it can offer, you will be amazed.

Get Back in the Game…Wherever You are

Because every gamer is basically after fast processing speeds and outstanding graphics performance, Hypersonic developed the Aviator SR5 Notebook PC which promises that gamers will surely get maximum gaming entertainment from this wonder device.

This gaming gizmo can never disappoint, thanks to its Centrino Coreâ„¢ 2 Duo Processor T7500 that provides breakthrough performance, great battery life, and advanced connectivity. Not only will you get excellent Microsoft Windows Vista support and superior multimedia performance, but you will experience enhanced support for high-definition video and games as well.

Working hand-in-hand with this next-generation technology is the NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT graphics processor that allows higher fidelity color representation. This can definitely redefine your gaming experience. With a revolutionary unified architecture and full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 10, this very capable GPU can deliver unparalleled performance, wonderfully detailed environments, and superior quality game effects.

Hypersonic Aviator SR5-R1 Notebook PC

With all those features, you can already see that the Hypersonic Aviator SR5 Notebook PC is in a class of its own. While mobile and portable at 7lbs, this versatile gadget can still deliver as it provides above-average power to satisfy not only your gaming needs. With all the power under the hood, running basic office software and various multimedia applications is just a walk in the park.

Aside from being a gaming platform, the Hypersonic Aviator SR5 Notebook PC also has a lot of other entertainment features. Hypersonic Aviator SR5-R1 Notebook PC Apart from being wireless LAN capable, it also has a built-in webcam, and offers Bluetooth® technology for additional mobility, convenience and productivity.

For full entertainment glory, the Hypersonic Aviator SR5 Notebook PC also has a great 15.4” WSXGA screen. Combine that with the smashing graphics processor and you can expect great resolution in astounding gaming environments.

With all those great features in mind, you just can’t help soaring to great heights of next-generation gaming technology with the Hypersonic Aviator SR5 Notebook PC.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer