NZXT PP-600 600-Watt Power Supply

If you want to have the best solution for powering mainstream gaming desktops but lack the proper funding, do not lose hope. In this day and age of high-performance components and ground-breaking technology, finding the fitting solution to your power supply problems can be a walk in the park.

Take a look at the NZXT PP-600 600-Watt Power Supply, which sports a serious looking matte-black, box design. It is cleverly constructed to efficiently power the latest peripherals and video cards while still remaining sensibly affordable. Having 78% efficiency at full load and dual +12V rails, the NZXT PP600 Power Supply is the perfect solution for powering your gaming rig.

Power your Graphics Intensive Machine

Besides the standard 12V connector which is used to power peripherals such as CD/DVD-ROM drives, hard drives, and case fans, the NZXT PP600 Power Supply also has a 24-pin main connector that allows you to connect with 20-pin and 24-pin motherboards. NZXT PP-600 600-Watt Power SupplyApart from those, it has 6 SATA power connectors and 2 PCI-express card connectors to let you power SATA hard drives and PCI-Express video cards efficiently. It also comes with 8 4-pin connectors that allow you to attach various peripherals.

Since the main use of a power supply is to convert the high voltage from the wall outlet into the lower voltages required to operate a computer circuitry, having a safe power supply is very important. And because irregular power signals that are sent to the components can cause damage and system instability, getting power supply that meets the needs of your computer system is equally essential. If you are worried about the possible power failures that can affect your overall performance and also the efficiency of your computer, you will definitely be glad to know that the NZXT PP600 Power Supply features output over/under voltage protection, output short protection, and overload and input voltage protection. That makes this competent device a dependable part of your computer system.

Taking a look at the amazing features of the NZXT PP600 Power Supply makes you suspect that it is far from being affordable. But it’s actually one of the few available in the market that features a great number of connectors at reasonable price.

So if superior performance that keeps up with the varying trends in computer technology is what you currently need, you should do the smart choice and choose the most efficient one that doesn’t strain your budget. This way, you get to spend more on expanding the features on your personal computer. So next time you look for a power supply, be practical. Get the NZXT PP600 Power Supply.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer