Transcend T.Sonic 650 2GB MP3 PlayerIf you want an ulra-slim, MP3 player that is both affordable and easy to use, then get the Transcend T.Sonic 650 2GB MP3 Player. Small and lightweight, this wonder-device can be slipped effortlessly into any pocket or bag.

Since this ultra-portable gadget only weighs a little more than an ounce, you can simply wear it around your neck. You will just love the glossy finish and neutral color that matches whatever you wear. Take a quick look at some of the Transcend T.Sonic’s features.

A portable MP3 Player you can Afford

Just think of all the benefits you can get from the amazing array of features the Transcend T.Sonic 650 2GB MP3 Player has to offer. With a storage capacity of 2GB, you will hardly run out of space for your most precious songs. Transcend T.Sonic 650 2GB MP3 PlayerAside from the ability to support MP3, WMA, WAV, and even WMA-DRM10 subscription music, this little mp3 player has other things to brag about beneath its cool exterior.

Despite the laid-back appearance, the Transcend T.Sonic 650 2GB MP3 Player is a very useful device which students and professionals alike can definitely benefit from. It has a one-touch recording function with Voice Activity Detection technology to allow you to make high quality gapless voice recordings and personal memos. Its A-B repeat and variable playback speeds are great tools to easily review important class lectures and meetings, as well.

Its brilliant, dual-color OLED display trumps over the traditional LCDs because it effectively draws less power, therefore giving you more hours of audio entertainment. The OLED display can also be viewed at any angle, and even in broad daylight. This means you will never have a hard time reading what’s on the display of the Transcend T.Sonic 650 2GB MP3 Player.

Transcend T.Sonic 650 2GB MP3 Player

Like most mp3 players out in the market today, the Transcend T.Sonic 650 2GB MP3 Player has an FM radio. Another nice touch is that the built-in FM radio can be preset to remember up to 20 radio stations, and it can also be quickly made to record a song whenever you hear something you like. Another cool feature is this ivory gizmo’s karaoke-style Lyrics Sync function which will make you sing-along with your favorite songs via this funky feature.

Transcend T.Sonic 650 mini USB port

Besides those impressive features, the Transcend T.Sonic 650 2GB MP3 Player also offers seven different equalizer modes to choose from. While playing a song, you can choose Normal, POP, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Bass or the special USER EQ, which lets you make personal adjustments and create your own music style.

Packed with great features, the versatile Transcend T.Sonic 650 2GB MP3 Player is easily the best portable MP3 player that you should have.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer