DXG USA DXG-305VThe DXG USA DXG-305V is an entry-level juggernaut. Don’t be surprised and don’t think it is all hyperbole. It’s not very often that you see both “entry-level” and “juggernaut” used in the same sentence. But read on, and you will understand why the DXG USA DXG-305V is such.

Most of the time, we equate and associate the word “entry-level” with cheaply made products. However, the DXG USA DXG-305V is going to prove you wrong. For the incredibly affordable price of $50, you get a full-featured all-in-one multimedia device. You get a digital camera, video recorder, voice recorder, music player and a PC camera all rolled into one nifty device.

Pack all your Gizmos into one Handy Digital Chassis

Imagine if you had to get all of those separately; do you know how much they would cost? Rest assured your running bill would be somewhere between a couple hundred dollars or more. The DXG USA DXG-305V performs all of those functions well enough at a fraction of the price. DXG USA DXG-305V MPEG-4 Digital Video CameraThose who want to get in on all the portable multimedia action but doesn’t have a limitless well of cash to draw upon would do perfectly well with the DXG USA DXG-305V. It is also perfect for beginners who want to experience a truly convergent portable device. These are the reasons why the DXG USA DXG-305V is an entry-level juggernaut.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s look at the DXG USA DXG-305V in greater detail. The DXG USA DXG-305V offers great portability. Roughly about the length and width of an ordinary credit card, it is easy to hold in one hand, and all the buttons are lined up neatly for easy control. With a single flip of its bright 1.5-inch LCD screen, and a few button presses, you’re ready to make use of its various functions.

The first of these functions is its ability as a camera. With the DXG USA DXG-305V, you’ll be able to take still pictures with resolutions of up to 2976 X 2232. This device has 16 megabytes of built-in memory, but in case the need for more arises, the device works with separately sold SD multimedia cards. As a video recorder, its 3.0 megapixel image sensor allows you to capture great looking videos with a 640 X 480 resolution. It utilizes advanced MPEG-4 video compression technology, which means all the videos you capture with this device are ready to be viewed and edited in most PCs. The camera also has a 4x digital zoom, perfect for capturing images from afar. Aside from that, you’ll also be able to use the DXG USA DXG-305V as a PC camera. You’ll surely have hours of fun video chatting with your friends and families.

DXG USA DXG-305V MPEG-4 Digital Video CameraMore than just a capable camera, the DXG USA DXG-305V can function as a voice recorder as well. With it, you won’t need your post-its anymore. Simply record your personal reminders or grocery lists with a press of a button, and the device stores them for you, ready to be accessed again in the future. And it gets better as the DXG USA DXG-305V is also an excellent MP3 player. Transfer your MP3 files from your PC to its built-in memory and start listening to some great music. It even comes with its own pair of earphones, so you won’t have to buy one anymore.

Simply put, the DXG USA DXG-305V is a remarkable yet affordable all-in-one multimedia device, ideal for digital media fans on a budget. Don’t get left out, this is the perfect chance to jump in on the action.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer