The Mini Keyboard RemoteWhat makes the Logitech diNovo Mini Wireless Keyboard special is that it is a dual-purpose device that can serve as a visually-pleasing Media Center navigator and work as the traditional QWERTY keyboard for your personal computer.

Its clamshell design looks good even on your coffee table just as any remote control, and will be just right for your hands, especially since it weighs less than half a pound and has dimensions less than an inch high and about six inches long. If you want the most effective way to enjoy your Media Center PC-based home theater, then you should get this two-in-one controller from Logitech.

Full Keyboard right in Your Pocket…and it’s Bluetooth as well!

Thanks to this innovative device, you will get to take control of your Media Center PC’s content to view your photos in a cinematic slide show, browse your music collection by cover art, easily play DVDs, watch and record TV shows, download movies, and project your home videos. Logitech diNovo Mini Wireless KeyboardThis palm-sized keyboard is designed to be compact yet highly functional. Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology allows you to use the Logitech diNovo Mini Wireless Keyboard to control your Media Center PC up to 30 feet across the living room.

The Logitech diNovo Mini Wireless Keyboard is a cleverly designed gadget that lets you enter text on web pages and office applications just like any keyboard, and also quickly browse through menus the way only a remote control can. You can definitely agree that maximum functionality is squeezed in the Logitech diNovo Mini Wireless Keyboard because this palm-sized wireless control device offers two operating modes to give you the best of two worlds. By just moving the mode slider at the top of the keypad, you can easily switch between the media remote mode for navigating windows media center and the cursor mode for using keyboard and touch pad functions.

If the keyboard is on media remote mode, the button on the lower right of keyboard will serve as a tool to launch Windows Media Center on your computer. The clickpad that works as a track pad on cursor mode will operate as a directional pad on media remote mode. The four arrows that light up on the directional pad helps in the navigation. So you can easily call the clickpad as the new mouse of this new keyboard peripheral. This combination mouse and multidirectional switch helps in giving you full control in both Media Center and Vista interfaces.

With this brilliant gadget, outstanding functionality and attractive form are harmoniously combined. This will fit well in your living room alongside your home entertainment systems and Media Center PC. Furthermore, it is also compatible with Sony’s PlayStation 3. What more can you ask from an elegantly-designed keyboard-and-remote device? If you are looking for an input device that will make you use your Media Center even better, get the Logitech diNovo Mini Wireless Keyboard now.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer