In this frenzied world of constantly advancing technologies, the battle cry of the high definition revolution has never been louder, and it’s calling for gamers in particular to jump onto the bandwagon. You can now break free from the chains of annoying lag and poor definition, for it’s already high time to experience the gaming freedom that lies within the Sharp Aquos LC37GP1U 37″ 1080p LCD 37-inch HDTV.

With its ability to project moving images with clarity, precision, and spot on synchronization, this HDTV fulfills the serious gamer’s yearning for sensory supremacy. Signature AQUOS brightness is more enhanced with the elegant black design, and the clever OPC function, which automatically alters brightness depending on the amount of light in your room.

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The Sharp Aquos 37-inch HDTV not only gives you the right to a high definition crisp image, it delivers movement with lifelike fluidity and on point dynamism like nobody’s business. Now you can fight the anarchy of bad timing and fuzzy picture with the smoother movement produced by the 8500:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio and 6ms Response Time of the Sharp Aquos 37-inch HDTV. You’ll be free to take the reign and control your own gaming destiny, especially now that excellent picture quality means longer and more intense action-packed games.

Sharp’s “Vyper-Drive” Game Mode, exclusive to the Aquos LCD 37-inch HDTV, has a side terminal input for connections to consoles. They activate via a special button on the Aquos’ custom remote control. “Vyper-Drive” obliterates all possible fluctuations in transmission, which means that it rules out the blurring that comes with the fast, flashy motion that goes on in games, and creates zero lag time between your gaming console and your HDTV. This game mode will clearly optimize picture quality for game-playing, and the included remote allows access to side-placed terminals for easy connections to video games.

Just think of all the games you can seriously enjoy using this gaming television. Now you can rock out to Tenacious D’s “The Metal” on Guitar Hero, because you’ll hit all those wicked bass notes on your first try. When it comes to Halo 3, the Xbox can upscale to the full 1080p that the Sharp Aquos 37-inch HDTV offers. Sharp LC-37GP1U HD LCDTVMaster Chief and the Arbiter have never looked or felt so real.

Truth be told, your high definition gaming life will change forever, as even older consoles that require downscaling on the resolution from 1080p are still supported by the lag-free technology on the Sharp Aquos LC37GP1U LCD 37-inch HDTV. Its three HDMIâ„¢ Inputs, DVI-I, and dual component provide for terminal flexibility, making it highly compatible to devices currently available in the market.

Thanks to the 37” LCD’s 176° wide viewing angle, you will be able to enjoy playing your games with your friends. Nobody will have a hard time seeing the brilliant screen, as well as the stunning display of gaming action, from almost anywhere in your room.

So what are you waiting for now? Crash the high definition revolution with the stunning inclusion of one of Sharp’s flat-panel LCDs, the Sharp Aquos LC37GP1U LCD Gaming HDTV.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer