Maxtor 300GB Hard Drive with Power-Up 3.5-inch Network Attached Storage EnclosureDo you want an easier way of storing and retrieving files either within a network or from a remote location? With the Maxtor 300GB Hard Drive with Power-Up 3.5-inch Network Attached Storage (NAS) Enclosure you can do just that.

Here we have a quick and easy way to provide a network of computers with an independent and reliable storage medium. Sure, you can just as easily set up a dedicated computer for file storage, but to tell you the truth that method really isn’t as efficient and quick as what this package allows you to do.

Computer Hard Drive all filled up? Don’t Pull it Out!

The Maxtor 300GB Hard Drive with Power-Up 3.5″ Network Attached Storage Enclosure is a great package deal that’s very affordable. The two components here are designed to take advantage of one another’s strengths. With this package, you easily add additional storage for your network without the hassle that comes with establishing a new computer in your network just for file storage. Maxtor 300GB Hard Drive with 3.5Moreover, since it can function on its own, you won’t have to buy any additional components. Thus, it is definitely more cost-effective as a whole. The build quality of the hard drive and NAS enclosure is worth noting. It is sturdily built which should give you many years of service without any failure.

Carrying the Maxtor brand, this hard disk is quite simply nothing short of impressive. Just take a look at the stats: 300 gigabytes, 7200 RPM spindle speed, and 16 MB buffer memory. What these numbers mean for you is that you’ll be able to store more than a handful of all sorts of files; you’ll be able to access them quickly thanks to a high RPM rating; and you’ll be able to continuously access files in a very seamless manner with its generous amount of buffer memory. In my experience, I know that users of networked computers want to be able to access data quickly. So if that’s the case with you as well, rest assured you are going to grow fond of this high-performance high-capacity hard disk.

Maxtor 300GB Hard Drive Schematic

The Power-Up 3.5-inch Network Attached Storage Enclosure impresses as well. To begin with this NAS hard disk enclosure presents a high level of easy usability. You simply have to slide the hard disk into the enclosure’s compartment, attach a few wires, plug the unit in, and you’re ready to connect it to the network via its built-in 10/100M Ethernet port. That’s all it takes and in less than an hour you have created a reliable storage solution perfect for a SOHO (small office, home office) network. With it installed, you can now share data through the Internet or within your local network. It is simply a great product to have. It even has a USB 2.0 port, which allows it to function just like an ordinary external hard disk.

With the Maxtor 300GB Hard Drive with Power-Up 3.5″ Network Attached Storage Enclosure bundle, you now have a way to access your files right when you need them. For its incredible price, ease-of-use and functionality, I give this bundle the two thumbs up.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer