Acer Aspire M5640Even with today’s high standards, single core processors and DVD drives are still very much usable. But there come a certain point where the need to upgrade to next-generation standards becomes more apparent lest you want the rest of the computing world to leave you behind in the dust—especially in terms of digital entertainment. Of course, one of the major reasons why it is hard to upgrade to newer components is the price.

With the Acer Aspire M5640 desktop PC however, that is all about to change. Featuring a healthy combination of some of the newest technologies around priced at an agreeable cost, you can finally aspire to move into the next generation of digital entertainment and so much more.

1080p High Definition on Your Desktop PC…What More Could You Want?!

The brains of the Acer Aspire M5640 desktop PC is the ultra-powerful 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor. It is like having the power of four processors all rolled into one efficient package. Acer Aspire M5640 AM5640-E5407A Intel Desktop PCThis processor alone makes the Acer Aspire M5640 desktop PC an absolute beast when it comes to multi-tasking, playing the latest games, playing high-definition videos, business applications, and content-creativity software. Boundaries are almost non-existent with a processor as powerful as this.

Next in line in Acer Aspire M5640 desktop PC’s set of cutting-edge features is its Blu-ray and HD-DVD combo drive. Yes, you heard that right. This single drive can play the two rival high-definition formats today. Do you know what that means for you? Simply put, whether an HD movie is released in Blu-ray or HD-DVD, you won’t be missing out on any action at all. Consider this as one of the privileges that the Acer Aspire M5640 can offer you.

Just as remarkable is the Windows Vista Home Premium OS that the Acer Aspire M5640 comes with. This OS makes it a breeze to manage your digital media files through Windows Media Center. Best of all, the OS handles business programs just as well as it handles media applications.

Blu-ray LogoThe nForce 630i motherboard empowers the Acer Aspire M5640. Inserted into the motherboard’s PCI-Express 2.0 slot is an ATI Radeon HD2600 Pro with 512 megabytes of DDR 2 memory. Along with the PC’s 3 gigabytes of system memory, this graphics card allows you to run multimedia applications and games with nary a hitch in sight. The PC even has a WinTV tuner card, thus extending the amount of entertainment options for you. On the other hand, its 500 gigabyte hard SATA II hard disk will allow you to store thousands upon thousands of media files.

Other than those, the Acer Aspire M5640 also features a multi-in-one card reader, front and top accessible audio, FireWire, and USB 2.0 ports. Connect to the Internet easily with its built-in WiFi and gigabit LAN. And it gets better. The package also comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard. With all these and more, the Acer Aspire M5640 is really a dream come true.

Move into the next generation of computing with the Acer Aspire M5640 Desktop PC. Forward-thinking yet budget-conscious computer users would definitely fall in love with it.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer