Jabra BT8030It is a given that everyone appreciates a pair of headphones that produces crisp, quality sounds. When we listen to music, we want to hear it the way it was meant to be heard.

We want the instruments to come out and sound distinct, we want to hear the vocals clearly, and of course, we also want a loud booming bass to provide body. The Jabra BT8030 does all of those and works as a hands-free kit for your mobile phone as well. Here we have a great pair of headphones that provides audio bliss and wireless telephony–minus the wires!

Your Music Delivered Straight to your Ears

The Jabra BT8030 is a premier addition to the life of any music lover, casual or otherwise. First of all, this headset has a very distinct and striking design. From one end of the earpiece to the other, the gorgeous matte-black headband fits anyone’s head snugly. The width of the headband slightly narrows near the top part to give it some additional flair. Jabra BT8030 Speaker HeadsetOn the interior of the plastic headband lie the soft cushions to provide additional comfort, perfect for extended listening. Its physical design alone makes it a very appealing headset.

Of course, the Jabra BT8030 proves it isn’t merely about appearances. What really makes this product so attractive is that it offers Bluetooth connectivity. Connect it to other Bluetooth-enabled devices like your mobile phone, PC or media player, and in an instant you’ll be listening to all your favorite music free from the grip of all those messy wires. Enjoy a brand new level of freedom with this remarkable wireless headset. If anything, the Jabra BT8030 reminds us once again of the beauty that wireless devices can afford you.

Just as great a feature as its Bluetooth capability is the Jabra BT8030’s ability to transform seamlessly from headphones to speakers. As a pair of headphones, you get to listen to your music personally. And once you convert it to speakers, you get to share your love of music with other people. It even has an integrated microphone that makes it a great speakerphone as well. You can switch between phone calls and listening to music with this wonderful headset. These abilities make the Jabra BT8030 a very unique headset. With this level of versatility, the Jabra BT8030 is a true contender in the headphones market.

More than just providing versatility, the Jabra BT8030 also provides long hours of musical enjoyment. It lasts for up to eight hours when streaming music and boasts up to 240 hours of standby time before having to recharge. Simply put, that is a long enough time for you to satisfy your listening needs. Plus, thanks to the power of the Zirene POWER BASS software, the songs come out rich, full bodied, and wholly satisfying.

It is hard not to fall in love with a great headset such as the Jabra BT8030. With its avant-garde design, versatility, and most of all its impressive sound output, the Jabra BT8030 could possibly be one for the ages. Make a superior choice. Make it the Jabra BT8030.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer