The Lexmark X4850 Wireless All-in-OneI am sure that all-in-one printers that print, scan and copy are pretty old news for many of us. Simply put, these machines are known for providing a more efficient solution to our printing needs and whatnot. Rather than having to buy dedicated printers, scanners or copiers, these multipurpose machines are also more cost-effective.

They have been around for some time now, and today we are slowly seeing the next logical step for these all-in-one wonders. Just take a look at the Lexmark X4850 Wireless All-in-One—a wireless machine that does all of the things mentioned above in excellent quality.

It’s Time to Make your whole Office Wireless, not Just your PC

The Lexmark X4850 Wireless All-in-One is definitely a high point in technological convergence. As mentioned above, it prints, scans and copies like the best dedicated machines do. More importantly, you’ll be able to do all of these without having to wire the machine to your network of PCs. Lexmark X4850 All-in-One Wireless PrinterIts integrated built-in 802.11g wireless technology, which is compatible with Wi-Fi Certified IEEE 802.11g/b/n networks, allows users to be free from the constraints of a wired set-up. With a wireless connection, the machine is easy to place anywhere in the home or office where it is most convenient. Adding to that, the Lexmark X4850 Wireless All-in-One is also very compact and elegantly designed.

The Lexmark X4850 Wireless All-in-One is a very efficient and robust performer. To begin with, installing the machine is a breezy task thanks to the easy-to-follow Lexmark installation software. In an instant, it is ready to use. As a printer, it prints with a resolution of up to 4800 X 1200 DPI in color and 1200 X 1200 in black. Borderless pictures printed on glossy photo paper and simple text documents always look striking.

It also prints quickly with speeds of up to 30 PPM for black and 27 PPM for color printing. As you can see the X4850 is a great printer, but what makes it even better are the variety of other features it has. Save money with its dual-sided printing capability. Print photos and other documents directly with memory cards, USB drives, or PictBridge-capable cameras. It even allows you to do basic photo editing on its 2.4-inch color display. Indeed, it is hard to question the Lexmark X4850 Wireless All-in-One as a printer.

The same could also be said with regards to its other functions. Copying documents is done with a single push of the button and without the need for a PC. Lexmark X4850 All-in-One Wireless PrinterIt copies quickly too, with speeds of up to 21 CPM for color and 27 CPM for black. Furthermore, its scanner functions are notable as well. It is robust enough to scan thick books, reports, pictures and documents at 48-bit color depth and 16-bit grayscale. With its Optical Character Recognition software, you get to convert your hard documents into a soft copy format.

For combining multi-purpose usefulness and wireless convenience, the Lexmark X4850 Wireless All-in-One gets a well-earned recommendation.
It is simply a great and cost-effective multi-purpose machine, ideal for home or office application.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer