Thermal Memory Cooler with HeatpipesWhen making use of high-performance PC parts, overheating may sometimes occur. This is because PC parts such as hard disks, CPUs, and RAM modules tend to run at very high speeds, which in turn generate heat. It is a particularly prevalent problem in systems without proper aeration and ventilation.

If not addressed immediately, you know that a lot of bad things are bound to happen to your PC and its parts. That’s why you simply can’t underestimate the value of cooling devices. Take the Ultra Thermal Memory Cooler with Heatpipes for instance, Ultra’s premier RAM cooling solution. It ensures that your RAM modules run cool even under extreme load.

Memory that Keeps its Cool Under Pressure

So how does the Ultra Thermal Memory Cooler with Heatpipes cool RAM modules? This memory cooler achieves the said task by creating a high-conductivity thermal pad, which dissipates heat. Ultra Thermal Memory Cooler with HeatpipesThe theory behind it may seem complicated but it is actually very simple. Let me explain this a bit. The Ultra Thermal Memory Cooler with Heatpipes is composed of a heatsink made out of an aluminum body and heatpipes made out of copper, which are exactly the kinds of materials that allow for quick heat dissipation.

The aluminum heatsink conducts heat very effectively and as such, most of the heat that the RAM module generates is drawn away from itself and carried to the heatsink instead. The heatsink also increases the surface area of the RAM module, thus allowing the heat to be spread apart instead of being concentrated on just one part. Moving on, the heat then travels to the copper pipes and subsequently to this cooling device’s heatspreaders, which are sort of like an extension of the primary heatsink. Now that the heat is spread upon a large surface, any critical build-up of heat in just one area can be prevented. Ultimately, the heat is efficiently dissipated and your RAM module is able to constantly run in top form—an advantage that gamers and other power users cannot take for granted.

With this kind of cooling, you will be able to improve memory performance and stability as well as the chance to extend the lifetime of your RAM modules. The Ultra Thermal Memory Cooler with Heatpipes makes use of no fans whatsoever, so you’re sure that you won’t have to endure any additional fan noise nor do you add extra load to your power supply unit. It is a passive type of cooling that works well without a doubt.

Take care of your RAM with the Thermal Memory Cooler with Heatpipes. With this great cooling device, you’ll enjoy increased computing power as your RAM modules run in tip-top shape.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer