Sharp takes the LCD TV standard to a whole new level with the Aquos LC-65D64U HD LCDTV. With a screen area diagonally measured at 65″, it certainly promises that larger-than-life experience: a contrast ratio of 2000:1, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a screen resolution of 1920×1080.

(These spell the full HD 1080p resolution for sharp images). It promises a visual feast: with viewing angles as expansive as 176º H x 176º V, the screen is easy to view from any range opposite the TV. Its brightness of 450 cd/m2 makes the TV image crystal clear even when exposed directly to light sources, both natural and artificial. Its multi-pixel technology provides a 4ms response time which results in clear images without ghosting or tracing.

Big Time High Definition From a Big Time 65-inch TV

And speaking of colors, the Aquos LC-65D64U HD LCDTV gives the richest vibrant colors with the most accurate blacks in LCD panels. Its tuners give the viewers the variety they need when they wish: the built-in ATSC/QAM/NTSC affords the viewers access to both analog TV channels and DTV channels alike. It comes with a plethora of connectors such as, an RS232, S-Video, PC, Audio, Composite, Component In, and HDMI In allowing you to connect various devices to the Aquos LC-65D64U LCDTV.
Its physical size is a study in contrast.

With dimensions of 60.17″ x 37.17″ x 3.87″, one wonders just how something with such an expansive screen can have dimensional depth of only 3.87 inches. The secret (and this is genius) is the change in the basic layout of the panel circuits, courtesy of Sharp’s engineers. The new Slim-line design cuts the depth by as much as 25%. This gives your viewing room that extra space – less bulk, possibly more legroom for those relaxing movie marathons. The Aquos LC-65D64U HD LCDTV can be placed and displayed anywhere, and can be stored away just as easily with its slim dimensions.

If it’s cinema experience you are looking for, then the Aquos LC-65D64U HD LCDTV makes a logical choice. It comes with sharp features, sharp design, and of course, the Sharp brand

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Contributed by Arne Galang, Product Reviewer