Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case FanHas your case fan given up on you or on the lookout for a better one? If you’re the former, then no doubt, you simply cannot waste any time replacing that grimy old fan of yours—because if you don’t, bad things may happen to your PC. Simply put, your PC and its components may overheat and be put into early retirement.

See the importance of a fan now? It is a very basic device but it is one that really works. For a case fan that performs better than most of the competition, go with the Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case Fan. Here we have a basic yet effective cooling solution that is ultra-affordable.

Keep Your PC Cool when it Counts Most

What lets you know that this is a highly-capable fan is that it is made by Ultra. Ultra is a quality provider of cooling peripherals, RAM modules, and other computer-related devices. They’ve been at it for a while now, and their products speak for themselves. Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case FanNow, while the Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case Fan isn’t their most advanced product, this much-respected company never forgets to make it a point to satisfy the customer. As such, the Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case Fan comes out just as well-built as their most advanced devices.

Made of quality materials, the fan is able to withstand the most rigorous of computer users. This product is certified to have undergone the most stressful testing conditions. The Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case Fan wouldn’t be available in the market today had it not met Ultra’s high quality control standards. This fan is going to last you a long time.

Just as impressive as this is that this cooling unit boasts of a precision-engineered dual ball-bearing case fan design that ensures extended life and optimal system operation all throughout. What’s more, this design enables the fan to reach a fan speed of 2500 RPM with a dBA rating 25.3 while in operation. So, it cools your system well and in a very silent manner. You know it’s there but you never notice it because of the silent way it operates. Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case Fan in packagingTo put things bluntly, it won’t let you down.
Some other important information you should know about the Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case Fan is that it makes use of the 3-pin and 4-pin configurations and with a power rating of 12V. It is power-efficient and compatible with almost all systems.

Simple yet capable – the perfect way to describe the Ultra Thermo-Control 80mm Case Fan. Don’t settle for cheap alternatives, choose the superior product.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer