AMD Opteron 1222 ProcessorFor spectacular server or workstation performance at an affordable price, get the AMD Opteron 1222 Processor. This second-generation Opteron offers the signature reliability and performance of an AMD Opteron processor at a lower price. It’s specifically designed for your one-socket server or workstation.

Such a server is usually used in small businesses for multiple needs such as web serving, filing and printing, and other less CPU-intensive applications. A workstation with only one socket, meanwhile, is commonly used by CAD, architectural, and DCC professionals for creating engineering models, design schematics or digital effects.

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The AMD Opteron 1222 Processor runs a fast 3GHz, uses 1MB of L2 cache per core, and has a system bus that goes up to 1GHz. It is a dual-core that can really deliver great, reliable performance. The spectacular performance is due in part to a number of technologies integrated in its design.

AMD Opteron 1222 ProcessorTo begin with, this Opteron features AMD64 technology, which basically allows your computer system to support 32 and 64-bit computing. This is good in that it will be compatible for applications available in the future. Problems with bottlenecks common in front-side bus architectures are eliminated as well, because of the Opteron’s unique Direct Connect Architecture.

This architecture simple works by connecting the processor, integrated memory controller, and I/O directly to the CPU. The architectural design is very unique because it allows for communication between components to travel at CPU speed, while also improving server or workstation performance. But that’s not all, the architecture works with AMD’s HyperTransport technology for that high-speed communication as well.

Other great features apart from the fact that you get a seamless upgrade path from dual-core to quad include AMD Virtualization and PowerNow! technologies. AMD Virtualization works with the Direct Connect Architecture too for improved virtualization performance, allowing more virtual machines to run per server. It can support more applications on a single system, and also supports previous-generation applications on modern hardware. PowerNow!â„¢ technology with Optimized Power Management, meanwhile, allows performance-on-demand delivery while consuming less power. So, for a processor manufactured under the 90nm fabrication process, its core voltage is only about 1.3 volts. AMD Opteron 1222 3.0GHz RetailAll the technologies mentioned are the reasons why this processor is capable of delivering good performance per watt.

The AMD Opteron 1222 Processor’s DDR2 memory support, as well as the aforementioned technologies and upgradeability to quad-core, provides a wide range of benefits. Just think of all the possible things a future-proof dual-core can do. You get to enjoy reduced total cost of ownership, a more flexible IT environment, and improved performance-per-watt and performance-per-dollar. Try this wonderful dual-core now and learn the other technologies working behind the scenes. Better yet, find out for yourself what this single-socket server or workstation processor can provide you in the long run. It’s not just improved productivity and reduced operating costs, that’s for sure.

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Contributed by Ethel Merioles, Product Reviewer