HP dx2300 KA394UT Desktop PC RAM BundleYou can now enjoy dual channel memory performance with this high quality business PC bundled with an extra memory module. You can finally improve your office productivity with this affordable yet capable computer. The HP dx2300 KA394UT Desktop PC RAM Bundle has Intel’s Pentium D E2140 dual core processor to run all your applications flawlessly.

From word processing to web browsing, the Pentium D E2140 can deliver dependable performance. Now you can easily handle office applications, finish great reports and enhance productivity. You will hardly waste any time with this capable processor.

Get Legendary HP Quality and Expertise for Your Workstation

The Pentium D E2140 clocks 1.6 GHz with a front side bus rated at a speed of 800MHz and uses 64KB L1 cache for each of its two cores, while both of the cores use 1MB L2 cache at full speed. The processor has been manufactured through a 65nm Manufacturing Technology, so it features lowered heat production and power consumption—the default core only needs 1.35V.

HP dx2300 KA394UT Desktop PC RAM BundleAnother great thing to know about this dual-core is that it features support for Intel 64-bit and Speedstep technologies. The former means it can run any 64-bit application or an operating system like Windows Vista. Meanwhile, Speedstep clock speed throttling technology slows down the chip when processing loads are low. Its normal 8x multiplier will be clocked down to 6x so, at idle, it will only run at 1.2 GHz. This is basically how the processor reduces power consumption and heat generation.

Aside from the great processor, the HP dx2300 KA394UT Desktop PC comes equipped with 512MB DDR2 memory. If you want an upgrade, you can easily do so as the computer can support up to 4GB of dual channel memory. The compatible memory module from Corsair that’s included in the bundle is an affordable way to take advantage of dual-channel computing. An 80GB SATA hard drive offers a good amount of storage space for your office files. An installed DVD-ROM drive lets you run important business-related information stored in CDs or DVDs.

To instantly save files to an external device, there are two USB ports available on the front panel for easy access. You can also easily connect online with the integrated LAN. Now you can quickly do what your job requires you to do. You can research online, send e-mails to your boss, and even send important private messages to coworkers instantly.

Corsair 512MB PC5400You are also provided with an interface that you need for your business. The HP dx2300 KA394UT Desktop PC comes with Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Professional. This operating system is sure to be just as dependable as the HP business PC itself. Rounding up the business PC package, a PS/2 standard keyboard and a USB 2-button optical scroll mouse comes with the sleek mini tower.

The HP dx2300 KA394UT Desktop PC RAM Bundle is a desktop PC package for your office that offers dual-channel upgradeability. Enjoy high-performance, quality components and equipment from two competent companies: HP and Corsair.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer