Onkyo HTS3100B Black Home Theater SystemIf you want to rig up your family room with a home entertainment system, then having a home theatre in a box (HTIB) is the easiest way to do it. The Onkyo HTS3100B Black Home Theater System is an entry-level package with high quality features.

The complete product consists of a flexible HDTV-capable A/V receiver with DTS and Dolby Digital processing, five surround sound loudspeakers and a passive subwoofer. There seems to be nothing better designed to give great audio quality than this reliable seven-piece set.

Anchor Your Home Theater System with High Quality Equipment

The ability to get the best entertainment is what’s great about the Onkyo HTS3100B Black Home Theater System. It can support DVD video; audio CDs and digital music files; TV and satellite broadcasts; and gaming. Onkyo HTS3100B Black Home Theater SystemThrough the reliable component video input, you get to enjoy Blu-ray and HD DVD movies in excellent quality. Like the rest of the Onkyo products, this HTIB has a trademark amplification design for powerful and precise audio quality.

If you need a good entry-level system that can easily be upgraded, this HTIB is for you. Featuring Dolby and DTS decoders, the capable receiver can deliver great quality sound and wide connectivity options. There’s a lot of component, composite, and digital audio inputs and outputs available to provide you with the terminal flexibility you desire. With these options, you get to hook up your TV, cable box, gaming consoles, PC, DVD player, or any compatible gadget quite easily. Color coded speaker inputs make setting up your system extremely effortless as well.

Since the Onkyo HTS3100B Black Home Theater System is iPod-compatible, you can enjoy your MP3s instantly via an available iPod dock. Now you can connect a TV to your system, as well as a gaming console or iPod, without worrying about poor sound quality. You just can’t help being blown away by the Onkyo HTS3100B Black Home Theater System’s performance.

Onkyo HTS3100B Black Home Theater System

This is a good home theater system to start out with. 5.1 channel audio has been the standard surround sound configuration for a decade, and it is the format provided for the most high-definition television broadcasts. The capable receiver has an AM/FM tuner and a zone 2, which allows for an extra pair of speakers to be used in another room. Total power of the system is 700 Watts (115w for the 5 speakers, and 125w for the subwoofer).

Since it’s easy on the wallet, the Onkyo HTS3100B Black Home Theater System is perfect for mainstream users looking for great value and performance. Wow your friends with the high-definition movies and great sound each time you use the system. The range of its connectivity doesn’t constrict you at all. Instead, it lets you customize your very own powerhouse entertainment center.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer