Are you still watching television using that decades old TV set of yours? If you are, then it is possible that you really haven’t seen how much better the viewing experience is when you use a true high-definition television.

Remember when people made the move from black-and-white to colored televisions? Well, I guess not everyone does, but let me tell you this: high-definition televisions are on the brink of revolutionizing our world the way colored televisions did back in the day. That is reason enough to go get a HDTV now. But don’t just get any HDTV, make sure you choose the LG 42LB5D. It is simply one of the better choices out there.

LCD HDTV will Expand your Horizon

The LG 42LB5D presents a great opportunity to jump into the HD bandwagon. To begin with, it is going to give your living or entertainment room a very contemporary feel. With its modern good looks, beautiful 42-inch LCD screen, compact profile, narrow bezel design and polished surface, it is going to be hard to take one’s eyes off this HDTV set. And that’s not even talking about how well it displays images, mind you!

At a very competitive price, this HDTV offers full 1920 x 1080p resolution, which is the highest possible today. Watching movies or playing games on this HDTV set, with the resolution set to full, is an experience that is truly exhilarating. Every pixel sports a level of detail and crispness that makes you go “Wow!” With an extremely high contrast ratio of 10,000:1, movies retain the depth and dimension that cinematographers labored to create during the film’s production.

Moreover, the LG 42LB5D has no streaking or image ghosting problems to speak of since its Super IPS Technology and its fast response time work in tandem to ensure smooth image transition. As a result, you’re treated to a superior viewing experience, regardless of whether you’re watching a movie, playing a game, or tuning in to your favorite show. Plus, with a 178° viewing angle, everyone in the room gets to watch all the action in full HD glory.

The LG 42LB5D gives you a great amount of connectivity options, including cutting-edge HDMI inputs all the way down to S-video connections. With an HDTV as versatile as this, you won’t need to worry too much about compatibility issues. Additionally, LG Simplink technology allows you to conveniently control other Simplink products through the HDMI connection. You also get to enjoy music and pictures instantly on the HDTV, thanks to the USB ports it is equipped with.

Apart from those, the LG 42LB5D boasts LG’s Exclusive XD Engine, which enhances the resolution of analog signals by improving brightness, contrast, detail, color, and by reducing signal noise. With this technology, even when you’re not watching high-definition media, you get to enjoy images that are vivid and colorful.

The LG 42LB5D will redefine the meaning of visual beauty for you. Everything about this HDTV set is designed to treat you to a viewing experience like no other TV has done before.

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Contributed by Daniel Gonzales, Product Reviewer