Masscool 7WD03L3 CPU Cooling FanProper care of system components involves a lot of things, and one of those is installing a computer cooling fan. It has been some time now since people opted the use of a simple aluminum heatsink to cool their CPUs, because prolonging the life of PCs is growing to be of utmost importance now that various systems from Intel and AMD are performing really fast and generating greater heat than before.

Simply put, the faster a CPU runs, the more heat it emits. If the cooling equipment connected to the chip can’t dissipate heat well enough, the CPU will get too hot and just suddenly stop working. And nobody wants a crashing CPU. To protect your Intel LGA 775 and AMD K8 and AM2 computer systems, Masscool has created a competent mid-level product called the Masscool 7WD03L3 CPU Cooling Fan.

Enjoy using your PC for Longer Periods of Time

The Masscool 7WD03L3 CPU Cooling Fan will not disappoint since its reliable performance rivals those of the other more expensive brands, especially given the fact that the most important thing to look for in a typical cooling fan is its thermal assistance.

Masscool 7WD03L3 CPU Cooling Fan Thermal resistance, by which the performance of any cooling system can be noted, is expressed in degrees Centigrade per watt (°C/W). This mid-range offering from Masscool boasts an amazing 0.206°C/W, which equates to ultra-low thermal resistance and results in more hours of high CPU performance and longer component life.

Apart from the thermal resistance, however, there are other features in a high-performance CPU cooler to look for. A cooler has to be equipped with aluminum fins and copper heatpipes, which contribute to high performance. The Masscool 7WD03L3 CPU Cooling Fan has those, and even possesses eight copper heatpipes. The cooling fan’s smooth heatsink interface greatly improves removal of heat from your CPU to ensure that your computer system runs smoothly and remains in good condition.

This powerful cooler has a 26.0 dBA noise level, thanks to its hydraumatic bearings, which allow you to have a near-silent operation of your computer system. It also has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, which is more than enough since this product is guaranteed to provide consistent and excellent cooling for your computer.

The downside of having a top performing computer may be the immediate increase of power consumption of the system’s components, like the processor, hard disk and graphics processor. Although these components threaten to fail (due to operation outside of their intended temperature specifications), there is still a versatile remedy in existence—the Masscool 7WD03L3 CPU Cooling Fan. This cooling fan ensures that virtually any popular computer system adequate airflow maintainw proper operating temperatures for all of the installed devices. The fact that it’s compatible with systems built around LGA 775, AM2, and K8 models makes this the ultimate cooling fan for high-performance, later generation CPUs.

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Contributed by Ethel Kay Merioles, Product Reviewer